Services and Programs (Session Descriptions)

Semi-Private (small group) Sessions:

  • 2x/week: $350/month ($43.75 per session)
  • 3x/week: $420/month ($35.00 per session)

During these 45-minute sessions, a maximum of 5 members at a time will be led through the workout of the day. Our Semi-Privates are a program designed to follow 6-12 week training phases so that you know there is always a purpose behind your workouts, your weeks, and your months throughout the year. Even if your goals are different than the person next to you (or if you start in the middle of a phase), everyone can benefit from the current training phase at hand. These training phases are designed to avoid boredom and plateaus while getting your body to adapt to different styles of training on your way to your goals. This service is the most popular program that our members choose!

Private 1-on-1 Training:

  • 2x/week: $640/month ($80 per session)
  • 3x/week: $900/month ($75 per session)

During these 45-minute private sessions, you and your coach will spend time dissecting your goals and personalizing your program to identify your most impactful areas of opportunity for change. If you feel you need more 1-on-1 attention and/or prefer to consult solo with your coach, this would be the option for you. We do encourage everyone to try our Semi-Private sessions first so they can see all the results and changes that can be achieved while attending those, but we understand that private training can offer benefits that might better suit your needs

Group Classes:

  • Available for free when you sign up for either Semi-Private or Private sessions

During these 45-60 minute classes, you will share the floor with a larger group (3-12 members) while you push each other and sweat together. These classes provide a high intensity boot camp-style approach to cardiovascular training. Each class will provide a certain goal (muscular endurance, aerobic capacity, interval training). We use a variety of different pieces of equipment: treadmills, rower machines, stationary bikes, battle ropes, kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells, medicine balls, sled pushes/pulls, and tire flips. Our members utilize these group classes to complement what they are doing with their semi-private and private sessions!

***15% discount off a monthly membership for First Responders, Medical Professionals, Veterans, and Education Teachers.
---Cannot be combined with any other offers---