Exercise Your
Mind and Body

Offering Guided and Hands-on Workout Sessions in a
Small Group Environment


What is Tone2Day?

We are a gym community made up of motivated, strong, and positive individuals with a primary focus on improving our physical, mental, and emotional health through the use of strategic strength training, nutrition coaching, and metabolic conditioning.

Our coaches and members work together to improve each individual’s health and well-being within an amazing group atmosphere.

Coaching Methodology

It is our responsibility and passion to educate our members about the connection between 'how the human body is designed' and 'how we should be using them'.

Achieving results should not happen by accident, and your journey should not feel like a punishment.

Our mission is to create an environment for you to connect with like-minded people who will motivate and celebrate you every step of the way. We want every member of our gym to define and improve their own meaning of ‘optimal health’ so that we can take these skills and knowledge into other aspects of our lives in the real world.

We live in a world that claims to be thorough, but we also want to be helpful.


Our Specialties

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Strength Training

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to learn how to strength train properly. Our goal is to build strong, resilient, and confident individuals on their quest to becoming healthier, fitter, and happier human beings.

  • We utilize various training phases during our classes/sessions so that we can eliminate boredom and plateaus while still having specific purposes for our training.
  • Each phase might target certain adaptations such as Movement Mastery/Technique, Muscular Endurance, Muscle Hypertrophy, Absolute Strength, and Power Output. No matter what your goals are or when you start, each individual will benefit from each phase and have the opportunity to learn about different styles of training.
  • During our strength training segments, we have opportunities to use various types of equipment/exercises: barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, pull-up bars, resistance bands, medicine balls, stability balls, and body weight movements.

Metabolic Conditioning

There are many different ways to do "cardio" to improve our cardiovascular engines. Each individual approach to cardio training places a different type of stimulus on the body, resulting in different adaptations over time.

  • HIIT (high intensity interval training): focuses on the cardiovascular system’s ability to not only generate output for a short amount of time but also recover in a short amount of time. These intensities are also where we see the greatest improvement in our VO2 Max.
  • Aerobic Capacity: focuses on creating harmony between the cardiovascular system and your muscles so you can work at moderate intensities longer and harder.
  • Muscular Endurance: focuses on improving the capacity of a specific muscle group to move against load for a certain amount of repetitions.
  • LISS (low intensity steady state): focuses on working at lower intensities for an extended period of time to utilize fat stores for energy and to build your recovery systems. We educate on how to approach this mostly on your own time.


We encourage our members to be mindful of how they fuel their active bodies to match their goals and the activities they are doing.

  • We offer nutrition coaching services (1on1 and group settings) to teach out clients how to make sustainable and optimal nutrition choices for body composition transformation, performance, and recovery.
  • When it comes to nutrition, there are several concepts to learn and hammer down, but even more methods on how to do so. It is up to us to explain what options you have to best fit your body composition, schedule, preference, metabolism, and goals.
  • An active and changing body also requires proper recovery and maintenance. We provide education on different stretching approaches and mobility techniques that can be used at the beginning of each workout or for use outside of your sessions on your own.