You have goals. Our job is to help you achieve them. We specialize in training individuals who are
in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, but we cater to adults of all ages. Our coaches are focused on fitness, but
they also want you to have fun.

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Andreya T.

You can’t miss her. The owner of Tone 2Day is known for her blond hair and signature smile (and her muscles).

The mom, entrepreneur, author, certified strength and Pilates trainer and former body builder specializes in helping ‘40 somethings and beyond’ reach their goals.

Health fads and gimmicks are not Andreya’s thing. She helps clients attain real results by understanding hormones and jumpstarting slowing metabolisms. Having spent years developing her approach to fitness and nutrition—she knows what it takes to make real change. No flash in the pan here!  When not with clients, you’ll likely find Andreya out networking, making motivational videos or schlepping her kids to the next sporting event. That’s life when you’re a mom of five boys and an entrepreneur with a growing business!  Andreya counts amongst her achievements 20+ years in the industry and an international award from LifeFitness for personal training—but considers client successes a bigger win!



Your weekday wake-up call! Alex helps clients start the day off right with his morning sessions. He’s our ‘go to’ guy for exercise programming for strength and tone and is big on form and also busting fitness plateaus.

From powerlifting to deadlifts, Alex always brings 100% to the gym and nothing, not even snowstorms, keep him from showing up at 5am! As a tell it like it is guy, he finds a way to push clients while simultaneously making every workout the most fun they’ve ever had.  With an infectious laugh and what we suspect is a bad addiction to knee high socks, his presence is hard to miss and we wouldn’t have it any other way!  Alex holds a degree in Kinesiology from the University of Minnesota.


Finish off your day strong during evening sessions with Kyler! 

He believes that optimal health can mean a hundred different things from person to person. Once you find what those things are for yourself, it is important to know that you have resources and you have others to help you along the way. Even though your path to achieving your personalized definition of optimal health will be ever-changing...the education you receive, the community you create, and the fulfillment you experience will be forever yours. In a world that claims to be thorough, I hope to also be helpful.

Some of his favorite quotes and sayings:

-"You want me to do something?...tell me I can't do it" -Maya Angelo

-"Today I'm willing to do what others won't, so tomorrow I can do what others can't" -Jerry Rice

Some random facts about Kyler:

-I went to state twice in high school for playing the tuba

-My parents are very avid dog trainers and have been on Animal Planet 3 times in the last 5 years. They currently have 5 dogs: Sushi (border collie), McGuyver (collie), Jingle (border collie), Bamm Bamm (rottweiler), and Coach (border collie).

-I have to count the steps on every flight of stairs I use so that I can take the final step on my right foot (is that OCD?)

-I really enjoy musicals

-I am not exactly afraid of the water, I'm just scared that I might die in the water since I'm not a great swimmer.



WHAT SETS TONE 2 DAY APART? To begin, we offer a smaller, more personal setting; a tight-knit community of support and a tracked strength training program that we adapt to each client’s strength and cardio ability.  But the heart of our personal training studio is our trainers. At Tone 2 Day, you’ll find a warm, supportive, motivating environment but don’t let that fool you into thinking that we’re not hard core! We’re serious about CREATING PROGRAMS that help clients achieve the results they want to see, whether those goals are weight loss and toning, strength training or getting ready for a competitive event.  Don’t take our word for it!  Visit our PERSONAL TRAINER REVIEWS AND SUCCESS STORIES page to hear about their experience with Tone 2 Day.