Have you tried eating healthy, only to find yourself going back to your "old ways" in just a few short weeks?

Sick and tired of counting calories all of the time?

So many people I meet answer “Yes” to that exact question…

And despite being unhappy deep-down, they’ve convinced themselves that nothing more can be done.

Maybe they've tried to eat healthy before, or started eating less only to find themselves plateaued at the same weight or too low on energy to complete their workouts.

Finally, You Can Have...

  • Freedom to eat what you want and still reach your body goals.
  • No more confusion on how or what to eat for a faster metabolism.
  • customized number for your body. Not a one size fits all plan.


Freedom to Reach Your Goals. Customized to You!

Our bodies are built needing certain specific carbohydrates, proteins, and fats… and the Freedom Counter Blueprint is a one time blueprint that is customized specifically for you to help your body run at optimal performance and fat burning while maintaining muscle. Finally, freedom to reach your goals!


  • A detailed report of the exact amount of Carbohydrates, Fats, & Proteins that your body needs to start losing fat while maintaining muscle
  • A complete list of foods that you can eat
  • Instructions on how to track your macros
  • Tips about meal planning and meal planning recipes & recommendations
  • Instructions on how to track your macros Expert advice on what really matters when it comes to increasing your metabolism 


Once you contact us, we'll have you fill out a survey with detailed questions about your diet, lifestyle, goals, problem areas, motivation and more.  From that information, we'll develop at customized Freedom Counter Macro Blueprint tailored to help you see results!

Do You Have A Desire To Have The Body That You Feel Proud Of and That Can Perform Well in The Gym?

A desire that you think of every single day… yet no matter you try… it remains just that… a desire.

You tell yourself you’ll “start eating healthy”, or I will eat clean “next week”... 

But in reality, no matter how hard you try, things stay the same. 

New diets and workout plans feel great at first… but weeks, or even days later, you give in to your cravings, and end up back at square one. 

This is where the customized Freedom Counter Blueprint can help!

On your own you are always guessing on what to eat and how much.  But I'm here to help you stop this endless cycle with a customized blueprint. 

I've been a personal trainer for over 20 years and have helped thousands of clients help reach their goals at my gym, Tone 2 Day, in Savage, MN


Hi, I'm Andreya Tornes and I help people all over the world get healthy, get fit, and STAY fit …

As a mom, entrepreneur, author, certified strength and Pilates trainer and former body builder specializes in helping ‘40 somethings and beyond’ reach their goals.

Health fads and gimmicks are not my thing. I helps client attain real results by understanding hormones and jump starting slowing metabolisms. Having spent years developing my approach to fitness and nutrition—I knows what it takes to make real change. No flash in the pan here!  

We're all about real life and real results.  Want to know more? Check out my website at

Ready to feel confidence you’ve never felt before? 

Are you ready to look, and FEEL better than at ANY OTHER MOMENT IN YOUR LIFE? 

Good. Then click the big button below to begin your transformation with our FREEDOM COUNTER BLUEPRINT.

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  • It’s based on your body specifically
  • MOST IMPORTANT: It transforms your body for life and holds you accountable
  • It’s designed to fit around busy, modern-day lifestyles…
  • The macros are easy to follow and let you choose the foods that you want to eat.

And it has proven itself, time and time again, to be unanimously effective. Here’s some real life clients with proof of what it can do:

Questions? Want to learn more????  We're happy to talk. Fill out the form and we'll respond right away!

In Love & Health,

Andreya Tornes, Owner of Tone 2 Day Personal Training & Gym in Savage, MN

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