Does Eating Healthy Confuse You?

Think about how many polar-opposite dieting facts that you’ve heard of in your lifetime.

Here are a few that came to my mind…

1) Eat eggs. No, don’t eat eggs. Never-mind, you can now eat egg whites.
2) Eat fat. No, wait… fat is bad! Hold up, eat healthy fat and not bad fat.
3) Eat meat. Hold on, only eat lean meat. Actually, eat any meat you want but make sure it’s grass-fed raised.
4) Eat fish. Don’t eat fish because of mercury. Eat wild fish… or maybe farmed.
5) Sugar is fine. Wait, no it’s not… try one of these sugar alternatives instead (like aspartame). Oh, wait… maybe not aspartame!
Seriously. It’s confusing for me sometimes and I work in the fitness/nutrition industry every single day.
A long time ago I realized that my clients wanted to feel better, look better, and be informed about how food affected their goals.
I started out by trying to inform my clients of every single statistical fact, but I could see their eyes glaze over in boredom as I bestowed my gift of reciting dietary studies.
It finally hit me… people just want a few rules to live by when it comes to food!
Yes, some people want a detailed menu or require an intense nutrition program, but most of us… want a few good rules that we can understand and follow.

So, cutting through the health trend smoke I want to distill all my knowledge down into 3 main food rules for overall health and fitness.
1) Drink clean water. A rough guide is to drink half your body weight. So if you weigh 200 pounds then consume around 100 ounces of water per day.
2) Eat more vegetables. Every single nutritionist, dietitian, fitness trainer, doctor, etc. will advise this. Clearly, there is something to this if all health professionals are actually agreeing on something. Fresh or frozen is fine… the goal is to eat more veggies. Add spinach to your morning scrambled eggs. Try cauliflower crust pizza! Just eat more vegetables.
3) Reduce or eliminate sugar. Sugar is in pretty much anything prepared or boxed. This rule can be the hardest for people to follow because sugar is a known addictive substance. Yes, I said addicting. Start by keeping a food journal of what you eat every day. At the end of each day circle anything that has sugar in it (read the labels!). Then after a week… count the number of circles you have an aim to eat less the following week.
Can food be confusing? YES!
But for most of us… following these simple rules can have a big impact on our weight loss goals as well as our overall health.


If you’re looking for some guidance along your journey please reach out to me. My goal is to sit with you and find out what’s going on in your life and what changes you want to make. I’ll share my program with you and if we’re a good fit… we’ll work together to ensure that you see the results you want to see.

Email me at to schedule your free 30-minute consultation with me.

We’ll work out a plan to reach your goals and ensure that you’re focusing on what matters and leaving the rest of the confusing stuff behind.


About the Author
Andreya Tornes
Personal Trainer and Studio Owner

Life Fitness Top 10 Trainer to Watch 2014
Wife for over 20 years
Mom of 5 Boys

#1 Way to Burn Body fat

The #1 way to burn body fat is to simply make the decision that this is what you want over anything else.


We have a lot of stories, excuses, and reasons as to why we can’t reach our lean body fat goals.


There is a lot of hoopla and scientific ways to lose body fat
and maintain that fat loss.


The problem here is not finding the magical fix or the latest trend but rather using the simple knowledge that we all have common sense about.
We know a yellow pepper is a better choice then Oreos…

Oreos vs. Peppers

We know that exercise, no matter the form or degree, is always a better choice than maintaining a sedentary state…

We know that taking care of ourselves instead of trying to control other’s behavior and choices will get us the best fat loss results…

We have so many reasons as to why we think we can’t reach the fat loss goals that we’ve succumbed to the mayhem of never achieving that ever-allusive goal weight.


We simply need awareness of what we can do!


The fastest way to become aware is to:

  1. Document yourself the next time that you get anxious to make an excuse as to why you can’t do something.
  2. Document your thoughts when you are in a bad mood, hiding away from life, and choose to self- sabotage your efforts.
  3. When a thought pops into your head that of self-pity or self-doubt. Take notice! Is it 100% true? Or is there another choice you CAN make?


The faster you become aware of your own power over choices. The faster you will discover that you have so many more choices then you thought. The faster you will burn body fat!!! Truth





About the Author
Andreya Tornes
Personal Trainer and Studio Owner

Life Fitness Top 10 Trainer to Watch 2014
Wife for over 20 years
Mom of 5 Boys

How to Become Unstoppable!

When we are grateful we become unstoppable.


We are in a place of flow!!


All is right in the world and we can endure anything.


This brings me back to a few months ago -one of my most grateful days on this earth.


I was in a strange country doing something I had only dreamed of doing since I was a young kid.



I remember how many times in my life I had envisioned myself riding on the waves.


I had imagined it would feel…






And Scary.


I imagined myself breathing in the mist of the water and the sheer exhilarating adrenaline of that moment. Ahhh…


I had given up that dream many times as life went by. I never felt I would have the opportunity. As a young mom, I always had the responsibilities of others needs come before my own. I never let go of the dream … I always held it close in my heart… thinking someday…


And then, I did it.

I remember the day so vividly. I was 41 years old. I was in El Salvador.

It was just past dawn. The water was warm. The sounds of nature were so quiet, pure, & peaceful. I paddled out past the breakers. As I looked back at the shore I could see this amazing mist come of the waves as they broke. I took the deepest most grateful breath of my life. As tears ran down my face all I could think of was the how grateful I was to be in that place at that time.


You see- I had almost given up on my dream.


But here I was – living it. I was experiencing this moment in all of its fullness. I was grateful for my courage and diligence to face my fears and doubts and to do it anyway.


Now, my biggest ammunition in life is to harness my gratefulness. I use this memory to move me forward when I am in a state of fear, doubt, or confusion around next steps in any situation.

And you can do the same.

What day, time, or situation did you find yourself being in the most grateful state?

You know when you are just flowing. You are truly yourself in all its light and glory.

You know when the struggle just doesn’t matter.

You were just so grateful that nothing else mattered.


So go. Go and harness that memory and use it as your ammunition to battle against anything that you fear. Then go and do it anyways.


I promise gratefulness will be your greatest power.

I am a passionate mom of 5, author, motivational speaker, and a business owner. My passion is in helping people find their more authentic self. If you would like to connect on a strategy call send me a message at





Learn to Say No and Achieve Fitness Success

Our Minds have the Capacity to Get Excited and Impulsive about Many Ideas All at the Same Time

Our minds have the amazing ability to want and think about a variety of different ideas and want all at once.

This can be a gift and a curse.

In one respect it is amazing that we have the capacity to dream and think up so many things. On the other hand, it can be a curse because we can -on a minute-to-minute basis- get excited about and impulsive about all of the things that we want to do and create.

The Curse of New Ideas and Opportunities

It is completely normal to want to be good at all things. We have a lot of new interests and hope to be good at all of them. We want to look and be fit at the same time, as we want to try the new pizza restaurant that our friends have been raving about.

We at the same time want to excel at our career and have great relationships!!

Why wouldn’t we want all of that?

The flip side of all those awesome ideas coming at us is that they can also be a curse. It is impossible, I have found, to act on all of them and see success in any given area.

Why Finding Focus and Saying No to Other Things will get you Fit the Fastest.

A good way to think about this is if you had to get fit or write a book as though your or someone in your family’s life depended on it. How would you go about doing that?

You would more then likely drop everything and focus. Logically you know that it would have to take precedence over all other things.

You would spend a majority of your time writing or working out—eating clean first in spite of your other interests.

It would require priority and focus.

I remember when I did my first bodybuilding show. It became my life.

I had 16 weeks to lean my body out and step on that stage.

I was petrified that I would look like a fool and fall on my face if I did not prioritize and learn the sport.

I immediately made the strength training and cardio workouts top priority.

I scheduled an early morning time that would not conflict with anything in my schedule.

I prepped my food for the week on Sundays for 2 hours.

Posing was done nightly instead of any TV watching.

It became my everything.

I said NO to restaurant dates and brought my own food to family gatherings.

My Easter dinner consisted of chicken and broccoli while everyone else had ham and jellybeans. I kept a thorough food and water journal. It was my daily bible so much so that my husband started writing love notes to me in there.

In the end, I became a first place winner. Focus on one thing and say NO to others will get you there.


How to Focus on that One Thing That You Want to Find Success with Your Fitness Goals

Here are some strategies to find focus:

  1. Prioritize
  2. Take the time to dream.
  3. Find out what your hearts desire truly is.
  4. If it is being tight—toned, & lean then make it a priority.
  5.  Make a schedule of non-negotiable time at home, work, and with family to start working on it with focus.
  6. Say No to anything that does not back up that goal of being fit and toned.
  7. Beware of Idle things.
  8. Be aware of desires that are in the moment and sound good but do not align with the goal.
  9. Get Uncomfortable.
  10. You will have to say NO to comfortable things that everyone else is doing.
  11. It will feel uncomfortable to give up sleep, TV. Restaurants, and fun!
  12. Stay Positive and count your small successes along the way.
  13. Keep a positive mindset.
  14. Look at the small daily successes. For example, celebrate that you prepped your food, drank a gallon of water that day, or gave it 100% in your workout when you were not feeling it.


The times in my life that I achieved the most world -changing things with my life I didn’t do so by dividing my focus and intent. I aimed high, got serious, and said no to all the other opportunities that life presented that weren’t in alignment with my goals.


If you want the power to follow your dreams, you say no. It’s not easy, but if it’s what you want – welcome the challenge.



I am a passionate mom of 5, author, motivational speaker, and a business owner. My passion is in helping people find their more authentic self. If you would like to connect on a strategy call send me a message at


Just Be Yourself … The Key to a Fit and Toned Body 4 Life

Being you sounds easy enough, right


I used to think so… but the more I thought about it. The more I realized that was not how I coached clients on nutrition and workouts.


I would advise them on how to workout and do nutrition as if they were me or straight from a textbook program.


I began to realize what was missing when I had clients that were not finding success. They needed to understand how to be themselves.


Long-term success happens when we are true to ourselves.


You may have to go deeper and think about the details of what health and nutrition look like to YOU.


What healthy foods do YOU like?


What exercises do YOU enjoy?


If you are being told to eat a certain way that does not resonate with you then more then likely it will not last very long.


I have worked with clients that try to bend and shape themselves too much to please me and it JUST is not THEM.


It does not last long…


You are the one that is committing to and doing the workouts so YOU need to organically enjoy some parts of the workout…


If you love running then RUN


If you love strength workouts then do STRENGTH workouts…


If you love having a glass of wine by choice then have a glass of WINE


If you enjoy carbohydrates then plan on how to eat the right ones for you and then eat CARBS


If you hate carbs and love BACON then eat bacon, calculate the calories and eat in moderation…


If you don’t love anything healthy then re-evaluate and discover why you are Self-Sabotaging yourself and then change the thought…


Self–sabotage is not always obvious. It may happen in ways you are not aware of.


A fail cycle looks something like this:

  1. Try to be something I am not.
  2. Start to fail when results and enjoyment drop off.
  3. Feel bad about who you are and then over think and self –sabotage.


Fail Cycle



This will move you away from your fitness and health goals!


I used to live this way.


I would do the right thing according to religious standards, health standards, success guru standards, my families standards, etc, etc.


It was so uncomfortable and confusing – it just was NOT me.


For some people waking at 5:30 am daily to get going works for them or eating kale and fish daily or working out every day is the only way for them but when I put that standard on myself it felt uncomfortable.


It just simply is NOT me…


The key is to figure out who YOU truly are and then DO YOU. Take action on what works for YOU.


Being YOU as YOU is perfect.


Just be YOU to get a Fit and Toned Body 4 Life!




If you are experiencing some of these signs then trust you are getting healthier and stick with your plan consistently.

I am a passionate mom of 5, author, motivational speaker, and a business owner. My passion is in helping people find their more authentic self. If you would like to connect on a strategy call send me a message at


Top 10 Signs that your body is getting healthier and you are on the right track…


I talk to a lot of women about health. What I’ve come to realize is most women use the scale and how sore their muscles are as indicators to determine whether they are doing the right things to get healthier – to get more toned.

If the scale isn’t moving (in the right direction) they tend to panic. They think that they are not on track to getting healthier and more toned.

When their muscles aren’t sore any longer it becomes an indication that they’re not working hard enough in the gym and won’t see results.

I would like to share with you the top 10 signs that your body is getting healthier and that you are on the right track to a more toned body… regardless of the scale or muscle soreness.


  1. Better Quality Sleep

As our body is getting healthier our sleep will have better quality. We will sleep longer without waking. We will feel more refreshed in the morning.

  1. Less Muscle Soreness after Workouts

As our body gets healthier we will stop feeling as sore as we did in the beginning. This is a good sign that we are getting stronger. When we are excessively sore after workouts it may be a sign that we overdid it based on our bodies inability to recover.

  1. Catch your Breath Faster after Taking the Stairs

When you stop noticing how breathless you are after taking those stairs it is a positive sign that you are getting healthier. It means that your body is increasing its endurance and cardiovascular capacity.

  1. Clear Urine

Yes, let’s get personal for a minute. When your urine starts to get clearer and goes from dark to light this means that you are hydrated. That is a great indicator that you are getting healthier. Staying hydrated can be done through fruits and vegetables as well as water.

  1. You are Handling Emotional Stress Better

You know you are getting healthier when you can quickly keep your emotions in check. When every little thing stops bothering you-you have the ability and patience to slow down. You can question and fact -check those negative emotions. You get the chance to choose what emotions you need to address.

  1. PMS and Post Menopausal Symptoms Decrease

Pre-menstrual Syndrome and Post Menopausal hormones can throw our body off causing a whole host of negative symptoms. As we get healthier those symptoms will decrease and be less impactful. If you start to notice that you are not as moody, having as many cravings for sugar, and are not as bloated as you once were then you know you are getting healthier.

  1. Clothes Fit Looser

If you start to notice that your jeans are sliding on easier then they did in the past then this is reason to celebrate. This is a strong indicator that your body is losing fat, maintaining muscle, and getting leaner. This is the best indicator that your body composition is changing for the better.

  1. Your Skin is Clearer

Acne is inflammation and can be first seen on the skin (largest organ). When the skin is getting clearer this indicates less inflammation in the body overall. Inflammation is the opposite of healthy. This is a great indicator that your nutrition is cleaner and that your body is thriving.

  1. You Look Forward to Workouts

When we start to look forward to our workouts and see them as more of a must-have in our life this is a good sign. This means that we are listening to our body. We are getting healthier and as a result, we are tuned into the endorphins and signals that our body is giving us. At the very least we feel better after the workout is finished.

1. Rarely get Sick

As we get healthier with nutrition and workouts our immune system will get stronger as well. As our immune system gets stronger our body will be more equipped to fight off illness.


These are the top 10 signs other than the scale and muscle soreness that ensures that your body is getting healthier and you are on the right track to a more toned body.

If you are experiencing some of these signs then trust you are getting healthier and stick with your plan consistently.

I am a passionate mom of 5, author, motivational speaker, and a business owner. My passion is in helping people find their more authentic self. If you would like to connect on a strategy call send me a message at


Connect with Your “Why” and the “How” Will Just Happen In Any Journey

He who has a why to live can bear almost any how—Friedrich Nietzsche


Connecting with your “why” will solve all of your problems and get you through any journey.

Whether it is fat loss, building a business, or turning the key on living out your dreams.

The attachment to “why” you want to do something and how you will feel when it is accomplished will be stronger than any roadblock that you will encounter along the way.

The story of 4 British women being successful at rowing 8000 miles across the Pacific ocean shows us what we are capable of when we have a strong enough “why”.


They rowed from San Francisco to Australia only stopping twice in Hawaii and Samoa for repairs and food replenishment. In their documentary “Losing Sight of Shore” they showed the mental and physical struggle to accomplish such a HUGE goal.


They took turns rowing 2 hours on 2 hours off for 9 months!


Your first question may be why…

Why did they want to do this…

My first question was how…

How did they do this…


I have experienced through my own experience that the “why” and the” how” are strongly attached to one another.


The “why” they had was to raise money and awareness to help find a cure for breast cancer after they had lost one of their dear friends to the disease.


The how was a miracle—although we are all capable of such amazing things when we attach to a why…


As Brad Thor wrote, “Success Leaves Clues and if you sow the same seeds you will reap the same rewards”.


Physically how they rowed day in and day—eating dehydrated food and withstanding major setbacks with weather and currents.


The “why” is what drove the “how”.


You see when we attach to our “why” the “how” and the plan just becomes the reality.


What I liked BEST about this story was WHAT the journey ACTUALLY looked like.


It was not a slam-dunk point A to point B story.


They started out rowing for the first week with a winning attitude but then waves and a storm set in and forced them to head back to land. Ultimately setting them back 2 weeks.


I may have thrown in the towel at THAT point.


You know – kind of like how it is when you first start your weight loss journey pain, struggle, it’s harder then you thought to consistently have healthy food choices around.


Then during the journey, one of the women found out that a loved one back home had passed away.


She became mentally distraught and wanted to give up.


She was forced to focus on the goal and stick to the plan.

She had to row to survive and get there.


When we are on the journey to lose weight others may be suffering in their lives and we want to help.


This may deter us from our goal.


We have to make the choice to focus on ourselves to continuously trust in and execute the process of exercise, eating healthy, and stay on the journey.


Finally, the journey from San Francisco to Australia was planned to take 6 months initially. In the end, it took up to 9 months.


The worst moments for these women were seen in the last days to the finish line.


They desperately wanted to get there but problems with currents and wind prolonged their course.


I can attribute to that the journey for weight loss will probably take longer then you thought and be toughest in the last leg.


I assure you though if you know “why” you are on this journey you will surely find success to the end and beyond 4 life.

I am a passionate mom of 5, author, motivational speaker, and a business owner. My passion is in helping people find their more authentic self. If you would like to connect on a strategy call send me a message at




How Soon Will It Take?

How soon will I see results?

This is one of the first questions I ask when in a strategy session with a new gym client.

This gives me and the future client a chance to better understand what their mindset and expectations are around how long they think it should take to get their body to where they want it.

I find that most people have somewhat unrealistic expectations around the final goal –maintenance level and are more realistic about how long it will take to start losing inches, feeling better, and feel more confident in the gym.

After working with hundreds of clients over the past 17 years I have found that each transformation is unique to the client but has similar traits and results based on a timeline.

The fact that they are sitting in a strategy session with me is already showing a start to seeing results. It is the first step…

I know that when a person has taken the time to schedule a meeting with me and raise their hand for help in fitness that something has changed in them.

They have usually been thinking daily that they want to lose weight, feel better in their clothes, and gain confidence in fitness and beyond for months or even years before they take action on it.

I remember meeting one of my clients Mindy. She was a beautiful woman in her 30’s with an amazing singing voice and a desire to be signed with a record label. She sat in the consultation and told me she expected to have toned arms, abs, and lose 30 lbs within 3 months. She was currently eating a low restrictive calorie diet and doing an hour of cardiovascular exercise a day. She hated the regimen but thought that it was the only way to get to where she wanted to go.

After we broke it down into a short-term goal of feeling better, enjoying workouts, and losing inches she was able to take the focus off of the long-term.

She then became unstoppable.   As she saw the short term happen she was able to stick with it to get the long-term results of a tight—toned body. That journey is still taking place 3 years later.

It is important to take a moment when you are starting a fitness journey to figure out what key things are important to you.

What type of results do you want to see in the short and long-term?

Short term could look like:

  1. Being consistent in my workouts weekly.
  2. Losing inches.
  3. Having more energy.
  4. Clothes fitting better.

Long-term could look like:

  1. Gain strength.
  2. Increase metabolism with muscle.
  3. Look forward to workouts.
  4. See muscle tone and definition.
  5. Fit in my ideal size again.
  6. Workouts and eating healthy are a part of who I am.



I believe that the first 21 days is one of the most crucial times in a fitness journey.

It is the time where you are setting a precedence, habit, and expectation for yourself.

“Set the precedence, habit, and expectation and let  the “How long does it take”, come naturally – we’re talking a lifetime of change and feeling good…’

I am a passionate mom of 5, author, motivational speaker, and a business owner. My passion is in helping people find their more authentic self. If you would like to connect in a strategy meeting send me a message at


The Beginners Guide to a Body Transformation…

The Beginners Guide to a Body Transformation…

We all have to start somewhere, right?

Here is a guide for every beginner wanting to make a successful body transformation.

Step 1: Recognize the thoughts that prompted you to want to change your body.

Are you feeling low on energy, uncomfortable in your clothes, want a tighter midsection, experienced a health scare, or simply want to gain more confidence in yourself?

Once you know what that initial thought was then start to build on it.

You can use your thoughts to discover what you want your body transformation to look like.

You can start to envision how you will feel along the way.

How you will look when you get there.

You can imagine feeling vibrant, happy, and confident as you gaze down at your flatter—toned midsection.

Imagine the journey along with the destination.

We can use our heart energy and emotion to fuel our transformation.

Step 2: Map out a phase 1 goal.

For example – in 4 weeks I want to feel my pants fitting looser and have more energy. This may not be a final transformation goal just a mile marker. Start there.

Step 3: Figure out the detailed steps of what the day- to -day activities will look like to get you there.

Break them down in terms of how much time you will need to accomplish them.

For example, workout for 45 minutes 5 times per week, twice per week cook and prep healthy food for 30 minutes, log food in journal daily for 20 minutes daily, and journal feelings when I have cravings for 10 minutes 3x a day, etc.

Step 4: Schedule the time in your calendar.

Find a time that you can be available and make it a non-negotiable time. Be consistent daily with the steps.

Step 5: Track your progress daily.

Before bed or at the end of the day take a look at all of the things that you did (no matter how small) to get you closer to your transformation goal.

And there you have it – your beginner’s step- by -step guide to real body transformation.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour.

Focusing on your daily habits are more important than your outcomes.






How to Turn your Worst Days into your Best…


Just recently I had a conversation with my sons therapist that made me go to the darkest depths of my soul.

We were discussing the amount of time that we as a family were putting forth with him and how we as a family may be looking at him as a task rather then a part of our family.

You see he has been progressively been getting better with treatment, meds, socialization, and structure in his program.

As he has been getting better we have been living and doing things as though he is still sick.

When the therapist opened my eyes to that I felt broken, like a failure, and realized that I needed to change something in me.

I felt like it was one of the worst days of my life…

I questioned if I was a good mom…

I questioned my priorities…

I questioned my own self-worth…

I recognized I needed to find some quiet and reflect on who I want to be and where I want to go.

Out of those broken–low times I have the chance to explore and discover what I really want in life.

If it’s not something that aligns with where I want to think and feel:








I decide I need to change directions.

It is like a new horizon…

A new awakening…

A new day…

That darkest hour of discovery becomes my greatest asset in life!




What have been some of your worst-low days and what have you done to pull out of them?

Comment below and share.

Those days can be your best days when you explore how you want to change directions.

Here is how

  1. When you are feeling defensive about something be sure to take some quiet time to ask your self questions. A lot of the time when things feel negative it may mean we need more time to think about it differently.
  2. Take some quiet time to map out some key words that surround the attributes that you want to honor in your life such as: freedom, fun, family, fit, etc. To help you quickly figure out if something aligns with where you want to go.
  3. Finally try not to stay in those broken times too long. Use them as a tool to question your direction and quickly get back on the path that you want to go to. Remember blame, guilt, & shame are the lowest energy form out there. They are not a good long term motivator for change.

Free at last to find the path that awakens your soul!!

I am passionate mom of 5 and business owner. My passion is in helping people find their more authentic self. If you would like to connect in a strategy meeting send me a message at