Attention South Metro:

Fit & Fabulous Over 40 Exclusive Program

Get in the best shape of your life over the age of 40!

Looking for a Smaller--Safe Environment?

Feeling your age?

Noticing that your metabolism has started to slow down?

Get fit FAST with this custom done for YOU Program

Hi! My name is Andreya Tornes the owner and founder of Tone 2 Day. 

I have personally helped hundreds of women over the past 20 years achieve their personal body goals!

         As a mom of 5 and having the experience of training as an IFPA Pro Bodybuilder.  I know what it takes to start a training program, maintain that program, and also to reach that next level in personal fitness.

I have been featured by LifeFitness as their "Top 10 Personal Trainer to Watch" contest winner in 2014.

A highly sought after international contest with trainers competing from around the world annually. In addition I am a certified strength and pilates trainer.

I have built a body coaching company from the ground up and along way have attracted an amazing team of highly qualified trainers to join me and continue the vision of Tone 2 Day.

After years of experience and training I have created a system that truly works. The safest, easiest, most efficient way to attack "new body fat" and destroy it...before it becomes permanent.

In our Fit & Fabulous over 40 custom program you will get:

  • More Energy to do the Things that YOU Love
  • Confidence
  • Tighter--leaner Body
  • Accountability to a Strength Program
  • Too Lose Inches in YOUR Midsection
  •  Stronger Working YOUR way into Doing Push-Ups and Pull-Ups
  • Coaching on how to Eat Whole Foods that Work with YOUR Hormones and Finally Find Success 4 life then...

**Limited time offer this offer will close after: 


The price will be increasing substantially after this offer along with a wait list

 **serious inquiries only**

Check out this video that will give you a better look into our Fit & Fabulous Over 40 Program

Listen to what others have to say about our program

I can wear a bathing suit now without feeling subconscious. I can see muscles in my arms!

Rachel K. 
Business Owner Prior Lake

The first month and a half at T2D was wonderful! It felt good to start exercising again. Alex is patient, kind, encouraging and knows his stuff! After moving here in September, you all have been a true blessing to me. Started to lose a little weight at last measurements and it just felt better and more like myself over all.

Amy E .

I’m very happy to confirm that my short time at Tone2Day has been life-changing! You and your staff are exemplary at:

1. Developing the right exercise plan for me. (Focused on injury avoidance so I can stay in the gym.)

2. Offering nutritional plans & products that are helping me achieve my health goals.

3. Continually demonstrating your knowledge of:

a. our anatomy

b. how our bodies work at their optimum levels/what to do when they don’t

c. how to properly fuel them to achieve our health goals.

Lona G.
Sales Savage              

I have worked with Andreya for over 6 years. She has the best trainers in the business. They have helped me to regain my strength after falling in the Grand Canyon hiking last year. I am starting to gain my stamina back and feeling better!

Sheila M.
Restaurant Owner Savage                 

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