I’m Andreya T., a busy mom, passionate wife, certified personal trainer, author and owner of a successful body coaching business.

Health fads and gimmicks are not my thing.

I get results by understanding hormones and jumpstarting slowing metabolisms.

I’ve spent years developing my approach to fitness and nutrition—and know what it takes to make real change.

 These are my 5 Boys!! My biggest "Why"

These boys are my biggest “why”.

Along the way I have attracted an amazing team of highly qualified trainers to join me and continue the vision of Tone 2 Day.

I have the experience and training as an IFPA Pro Bodybuilder starting at the age of 35. I know what it takes to start a training program, maintain that program, find balance in life, and also to reach that next level in personal fitness. I have been featured by LifeFitness as their "Top 10 Personal Trainer to Watch" contest winner in 2014.

This is a highly sought after international contest with trainers competing from around the world annually. In addition I am a certified strength and pilates trainer. After 17 years of experience and training I have created a system that truly works. The safest, easiest, most efficient way to attack "new body fat" and destroy it...before it becomes permanent.


I believe that my passion for life and fitness shines through in all that I do. The best example and role modeling is in showing and doing.

 My hope is that the closer I am too my authentic self –doing what I love by helping others get fit and find their true selves that my boys will have the ability to do that too!

We only get one shot in life.

"I hope that this will inspire YOU!"