Stop taking 3 steps forward and 2 steps back in your weight loss and fitness goals

Have you ever wondered how to stop taking 2 steps forward and 3 steps back with your weight loss? Tired of the feelings of disappointment as you go up and down on the scale. You know what I mean. Where you see the scale go up and then you say,  “Enough is enough! I am going to pull my big girl pants up once and for all!” You tell yourself you are going to start eating healthier, exercise, get enough sleep, wake-up early, and so on until you lose weight! Then you commit and lose a few pounds in a few weeks or days and start feeling better. Only then to fall off and gain the weight back. You start rewarding yourself for losing weight with the weekends full of cheat meals. Slowly you start sleeping in a little later each day hitting the snooze button only to find yourself not working out as often? Then the weight creeps back on.

The worst is when you are still giving it your all but then the scale is not moving. You swear you are doing everything in your power to lose weight but to no avail. You find yourself desperate and wanting to throw in the towel. You ask yourself why should I continue to feel so restricted, hungry, and tired only to see zero results.


Get Off the Hamster Wheel

If this is you, I get it.  I have been there many times myself and with clients. I remember one client, in particular, that would come in and meet with me weekly and give it her all in workouts and nutrition during the week but then on the weekends she would eat one too many cheat meals and gain the weight back. This was a constant cycle of lose–gain–lose on a weekly basis. She maintained at best and never saw her results getting further. It wasn’t until we figured out what was holding her back that we could see the changes she wanted to make.

What gives– why does this happen and what can you do about it?

Address This and The Rest Will Follow

The number one thing for a sustainable weight loss journey is to address your mindset. 

Many times you consciously want to lose weight, but your intention and mindset are not in it. 

It is not who you truly believe you are. You may believe that by losing weight that internally you will feel better and more validated in life. You may see yourself in a picture or find yourself feeling down about the way your body feels. So you fleetingly make a decision for change. You think, “I need to get it together by losing weight and eating healthier.” This may be true, but it will only be short-lived if you don’t go deeper and look at the negative beliefs and narratives you are following in your life. When you figure out that you can start to feel better about yourself almost immediately just by changing your thoughts and by being grateful for your power of choice, you will feel a little lighter. Weight loss won’t feel as heavy and hard to accomplish any longer. Eating healthy will be a mental reward. Start to think of why you deserve to be healthy. How good you feel after eating healthy and exercising regularly.

Remember that client that was struggling? After she changed her mindset,  the weekend was no different from the weekdays. She saw being fit and healthy as part of who she was and realized that she deserved to treat her body well. The weight just fell off after she started to celebrate her successes. She just knew that was who she was and would always follow suit with a healthy–lean body. 

Weight Loss Starts Within

Weight loss starts within and then radiates on the outside. Make a promise to yourself to love yourself first and then watch it all align and happen for you! I promise you won’t regret it. You will finally be able to take full strides toward a life long weight loss.

Don’t wait until tomorrow, start your journey to Tone 2 Day!

In Health & Love – Andreya T.


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Stop Taking 2 Steps Forward and 3 Steps Backwards in your Weight Loss and Fitness Goals!

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