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Being you sounds easy enough right?! I used to think so. But the more that I thought about it, I realized that was not how I always was.  I also realized that this was what was missing when I had clients that were not finding success. Success can only happen when we are ourselves.  If I or another trainer is telling you to eat a certain way but it does not resonate with you, do you think it will last very long? Probably not.  I have worked with clients that try to bend and shape themselves in ways that are JUST not THEM in order to please me.  Eventually, they feel like they are failing as they start to eat badly and miss the mark. Then the cycle continues of trying to be something you are not, failing, feeling bad, over-thinking and self-sabotage  – Eek!! Not surprisingly, this cycle usually ends with them moving away from their fitness and health goals!

I used to live this way. Working and acting according to religions standards, health standards, success guru standards, my family’s standards, etc.  It was so uncomfortable and confusing and, most importantly, it just was NOT me. For some people waking at 5:30 am daily, eating kale and fish daily or working out everyday works fine but when I put that standard on myself it feels uncomfortable. It just simply is NOT me.

Be You! You are Be-YOU-ti-ful!

The key to succeeding is in being YOU! Figure out who YOU truly are and then take action on what does work for YOU. The more you figure out you, the more YOU will find success in your fitness and health goals.

If you love running then RUN

If you love strength workouts then do STRENGTH workouts…

If you love having a glass of wine, occasionally the have a glass of WINE

If you enjoy carbohydrates then plan on how to eat the right ones for you and then eat CARBS

If you don’t love anything healthy then reevaluate and discover why you are self-sabotaging yourself and then change the thought…It is not too late to discover who YOU are!

Find YOU at Tone 2 Day Personal Training & Gym in Savage MN  

Find YOU at Tone 2 Day Personal Training & Gym.  At Tone 2 Day, we cater to women and men in their late 30s, 40s, 50s & beyond, providing a real fitness experience for real people.  When you walk into our gym, you’ll find coaches who listen first and ask questions to determine your goals. Keeping in mind that no goal is too small or too large, we take our conversation and create a comprehensive program that includes strength, toning, and nutritional guidance to help you succeed in your goals AND enjoy the process along the way!

Learn more about our programs and training, hear our client success stories and then take action – contact us today for a complimentary consultation! 

Being YOU is the Ticket to Better Health
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