Intermittent Fasting – The greatest game changer of all when it comes to getting that tighter-toned body…


If you are looking for a game changer when it comes to leaning out your body then intermittent fasting may be the missing link you need.


Let me start with a story.


One of my clients was eating a low carb diet, exercising 4-5 days a week, & drinking her gallon of water daily but had plateaued in her fat loss. The scale had stopped moving. She was frustrated and was preparing to do more cardio.


I’m a huge fan of balance throughout the week.  To help her push past this frustration, I suggested that she try the keto reboot.  The Keto Reboot is a method that incorporates a 60-hour ketone fast and then a 16:8 eating window. A 16:8 eating window is where you eat for 8 hours a day and then fast for 16 hours.   Within a few short weeks, she had lost 8 lbs and had less bloated feelings. This was eye opening to me and to her.

They were exactly the results that we needed without salvaging time and precious muscle.


What is Intermittent Fasting?


It is a method of eating where you cut down the hours of the day to a specified window of time.  How you do it depends on what your body can tolerate and your own specific goals.


The 3 most common Intermittent Fasting methods for fat loss are:


  1. 16:8 window. Typically you eat from 12-8 or 10-6. You usually skip breakfast and then eat lunch through dinner. You can add in a bulletproof coffee and pure therapeutic ketones in the morning to sustain you.
  2.  14:10 window. Eating from 8-6 only or 10-8. Again have a bulletproof coffee and ketones outside your eating window. This may be a gentler way to start for women’s hormones and blood sugar. (this worked best for me to start).
  3. 5:2 or Fast Diet: Twice a week (nonconsecutive days), you restrict calories to around 500 calories a day (600 calories for men), and for the other five days, you eat as if you are not on a diet.


You can also combine them. I am doing the 3rd option each week along with the 10-hour eating window (2nd option).

What are the benefits?


There are 3 major benefits to incorporating intermittent fasting


  • It enhances hormone function to burn belly fat and help you lose weight. 
  • Fasting raises your human growth hormone (HGH) levels (by five times!)
  • Lowers insulin levels, and increases leptin (the hormone that decreases hunger and increases metabolic rate).


  • It can help you recover from workouts and have less pain in the body by reducing inflammation.
  • It will make your body’s resistance to free radicals stronger and more efficientIt will then, in turn, get rid of inflammation. Inflammation is the bodies biggest pathway to disease and causes pain.


  • It gives your body that tighter–more toned look by increasing the breakdown of fat in the body, which is then used for energy.
  • Intermittent fasting increases metabolic rate by four to 14 percent and will reset your body from burning sugar as fuel to burning fat. Fat burn is the key to a tighter more toned body 4 life.


If you have plateaued and have been doing everything right in workouts, water, & sleep then it may be time to start some IF. If you want less pain and inflammation in your body then this is something to try.

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