Continuing on the conversation from last week. I am going to share with you the simplest secret of ALL time here. It is the first thing that you can do to prove to yourself that you are ready to make a change and stick with it  (with the least amount of investment in time or finances).


My hope is that you will believe, trust, and do what I am telling you as a first step to a Tighter—Toned Body.


I remember it like it was yesterday I was all set to do my very first bodybuilding competition.


I had dreamed about it for years.


I had been a personal trainer for a while and my body was in good shape. I knew in my heart that I would excel at bodybuilding. I was petite and put on muscle easily. I loved working with weights, the toughest workouts, and had A LOT of self-discipline. I endured 5 labor and deliveries with no epidurals or pain meds. I had started a business from the ground up in my free time and helped countless women start their journey on weights and make lasting changes to their health and bodies.


I was ready to prove to myself and the world that I would rock this thing. I would have been willing to work out 15 hours a day or eat the smallest no carbohydrate diet out there to see results if that was what it would take.


Imagine my surprise when my trainer Shelly told me that one of the biggest and most important things that I had to do was to drink a gallon and a half of water daily. She suggested I grab a gallon jug and fill it. I thought ok—easy anything else? I had seen countless guys at the gym throughout the years with their milk jug full of water.


I got this!  


Imagine my other surprise when I found that it actually became like a job to drink that much water a day. It was tougher than I thought. Many days 8 pm would roll around and I would still have an entire gallon to guzzle. Like a boss I would do it and not only be up all night long but get vertigo like crazy (electrolyte flush).


I was astounded though how lean tight—toned my body got in the first 3 weeks of diligently drinking that much water. I will fast forward for you that I won first place and became an IFPA pro by leaning out to 8 percent body fat.

I can safely say that with the utmost confidence that I know if I had followed all of the other steps that Shelly had given me to get my body that tight—toned and lean without the extra water intake I would not have leaned out.


I realize that most of us are not looking to get to that level of leanness. It still makes sense that it is vital for any person that wants a tighter-toned body to increase their water intake. No matter what the end goal may be.


Here are some simple practical answers to common questions I get on how to get focused and started drinking more water everyday.


How Much Water Should you Drink to get a Tight—Toned Body?

I recommend drinking at minimum half of your body weight in ounces a day.

If you weigh 180 pounds then you would drink 90 ounces (a little under a gallon a day).


Do Other Liquids Count Toward your Daily Goal?

Do not not take in to account coffee, teas, or sodas. Keep it simple by keeping track of water intake only.


How do you Keep track of your Water Intake?

The simplest way to keep track and stay on target for the day is to invest in a 24-32 oz water bottle. You can do simple things to keep track like putting 3 -4 rubber bands around your bottle and put them all at the bottom but as you finish move one to the top and so on until all the 3-4 have been accounted for the day.


How do you Pace your Water Intake?

Start drinking right when you wake up. In order for you to stay on pace and not get dizzy and be up all night long you need to keep a steady water pace throughout your day. This means try to drink your first bottle from wake-up to mid morning. Then start bottle 2 and so on…

I have talked with some women that say they are not allowed at meetings or during the day to continue to drink and just do not have the time to stay on pace. This is why I always insist that this is the first and most vital step to proving to yourself and others around you that you are serious about taking care of yourself. It does require focus to make change.

What are the other Benefits to Drinking More Water?

You will discover many other benefits to drinking more water such as:


Reduced Hunger

The more water you drank the less hungry you’ll feel. I discovered that in the past when I thought I was hungry I really was dehydrated. This staved off hunger throughout the day. I was more able to stick with my healthy eating.


Less Mindless Eating

Drinking water can become a fun past time. It will occupy your mind and have a greater side effect of taking place of the mindless eating in your day.


Increased Focus and Energy

When your water is on point for the day ALL other things in your life just come into focus. Think about how you feel after you wake up and get that workout in – you feel focused, energized, and ready to go.


Faster Metabolism

Drinking more water increases your metabolism. Having a faster or slower metabolism simply means have more (faster) or (less) reactions. When you put water in your body it creates a reaction so the more you drink the more reactions, which in turn means faster metabolism.

If you are ready to change your body in the simplest way possible this is it. When I say that you can start this minute that is the truth. It costs barely anything. I think it is a HUGE sign when you can master this one that you are serious about wanting to change your body and health for the long-term.

Consider it a test to be able to add in more COMPLICATED nutrition parameters…

Once you have this down you are ready for more.

Part 2 of my 3 part Simple Secret Nutrition Hacks to get a Tighter—Toned Body (it does not include starving, counting calories, or eliminating carbohydrates)…