Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing 3 simple hacks to get your body tight—toned and lean for life – without starving, counting calories or eliminating carbohydrates.


I know, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true.  


I’ve done it and so have many of my clients and friends.  I promise to make you a believer.


Just like Leeza.


Leeza came to me shortly after losing 40 lbs. She had lost the weight by doing cardio (boxing & treadmill) and by drinking low-calorie meal replacement shakes.


She was happy with her progress so far but had reached a plateau. Leeza was stuck at her current weight and body size for months and felt helpless that the method of starving and cardiovascular exercise that had gotten her this far was no longer working.


Leeza was tired, cranky, & defeated. She wanted to see muscle tone in her arms, legs, and midsection and get tighter-toned and leaner.  She came to me for help.


I started her on a plan I call Carbohydrate Cycling and within a few weeks, she started losing weight.  As a part of the plan, she ate more nutrient-dense whole foods (along with the occasional slice of pizza and doughnut). She was maintaining her muscle while burning fat.


Her body quickly responded and became tight—toned and lean within a few months. She now felt more relaxed and free to do the other things in life that she wanted to do. She had a plan that worked for her consistently. When she plateaued we would change a few details and her metabolism would kick in and she would start losing again.


Pure freedom and bliss for Leeza. No more cutting calories and endless cardiovascular hours.

What is Carbohydrate Cycling and why does it work?

It simply means to eat higher carbohydrates on 2-3 days of the week and on the other 4-5 days of the week your carbohydrates are decreased.  


It is that simple.


What are Carbohydrates?
Carbohydrates are foods containing greater amounts of sugar and starch.  They are a source of fuel the body uses as energy. Our body burns through carbohydrates as a fuel called glycogen. It is the simplest and fastest fuel source for the body.


Samples of carbohydrate-rich foods include:
Pastas—Rice and whole wheat
Processed foods (simple sugars)

What are Proteins?  

It is an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. Your body uses it to build and repair tissue. You need it to make enzymes, hormones, and other body chemicals.

Whey Shakes/Bars

What are Fats?  

The body uses fat as a fuel source, and fat is the major storage form of energy in the body. Fat also has many other important functions in the body, and a moderate amount is needed in the diet for good health.

Coconut Oil
Avocado oil
Olive oil

A great example of a moderate long-term plan week would look like:
High Carbohydrate =HC
Low Carbohydrate= LC
M = LC

An example of a High Carbohydrate Day would be:
Breakfast— 3 Egg Whites and ½ Cup of oatmeal berries
Snack – Rice cakes with tuna
Lunch -Sushi Rolls (rice) and seaweed salad apple
Dinner—Chicken vegetables and Sweet potato (light butter) or hamburger with bun and homemade french fries
Snack—Air Popped Popcorn—wine

The key is to eliminate your fats such as fattier proteins like beef, nuts, and nut butter on LC days and replace them with carbohydrates.
Eat clean nutrient-dense carbohydrates most of the day but throw in a few processed carbs to treat yourself.

An Example of an LC Day would be:

Breakfast- 2 Whole Eggs ½ Avocado- a slice of Bacon
Snack-Quest Protein Bar +Pure Therapeutic Ketones
Lunch-Salad (green veggies) Chicken, Olive oil and Lemon Juice Dressing with Sunflower Seeds

Snack-2 Hard Boiled Eggs, 23 Almonds
Dinner-Steak, mushrooms broccoli
Snack-Shake Avocados-whey protein -almond milk ice and kale

Most of your days will be LC the key is to fill up on low sugar nutrient dense proteins and fats. Look at the list and mix and match. Stay away from starchy and processed carbohydrates those days.

I guarantee you will get a leaner more tight body by carbohydrate cycling. It will give you more energy and regulate your hormones by keeping your blood sugars at bay. Carb Cycling will get rid of inflammation in your body.

I am so excited for you to start learning what TRULY works SIMPLY for a tighter—toned and leaner body 4 life.


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Simple Nutrition Hacks to get your Body Tight and Lean (Without starving, counting calories, or eliminating carbohydrates)…