Last week I wrote about how I got better energy, fat loss, & sleep by drinking pure therapeutic ketones.


This week I want to share the results that people with ALL different goals, health issues, & nutrition accomplished by living a ketogenic life.


After I had such a positive experience I had to share it with others around me.


Larry, my husband, had an autoimmune disorder that affected his thyroid. This, in turn, made him more susceptible to belly-fat, anxiety, and sugar cravings.


He was an avid exerciser and had a generally clean diet of fruits, yogurt, nuts, and whole grains. Despite his best efforts of adding cardio and extra workouts he still struggled with extra fat around his midsection. He felt hangry all of the time and never missed a meal.


He started drinking pure therapeutic ketones 1-2x a day…


Larry never noticed the immediate energy burst that I had. His process took more time. He diligently drank the ketones for 30 days until he noticed that he no longer was “hangry” for carbs, had less anxiety, & started burning belly fat.


I knew he had turned the corner when I came home one night and he had forgotten to make dinner.


After the initial 30 days, his results took skyrocketed and he lost 22 lbs off of his midsection for the first 


 time in his life and has kept it off for over 2 years!


I no longer nag him to eat healthier he just starting feeling better and lost the belly fat!! His Cravings were gone.


Holly, one of my employees, was not one to regularly workout. She was over the age of 50 and wanted to lose fat around her midsection – more specifically, her hips.

She drank 2 packets of ketones a day for 30 days, made small dietary changes, and did not exercise. In 30 days she noticed an increase in energy, better sleep, less brain fog and best of all to her– 6 inches off of her hips!


Holly could not deny that even without exercise she was seeing results in her body.


Mindy, a personal training client, followed a consistent weekly cardio and strength program. She was in her 30s and had been following a ketogenic cycle diet (ate freely carbs 2 days a week).

She wanted more tone in her arms, midsection & better energy throughout her day.

Mindy was a client that previously had been starving her body and doing loads of cardio to lose weight. She had plateaued and was no longer seeing any results. Her metabolism had slowed from loss of muscle and stress.


This is a common theme amongst women…


So common that I wrote about her story to help educate and inspire women to stop this vicious cycle in a book I co-authored Fuel Your Soul Transform Your Body.


Click to Read More About Mindy’s Story In My Book Fuel Your Soul Transform Your Body


After drinking the pure therapeutic ketones 1-2 x daily for 30 days she noticed an increase in strength, toned arms, and fat loss in her belly. She also had fewer sugar cravings and found it easier to say no to carbs and stick with her ketosis( 5% carbs daily) eating plan during the week.


It sure made her life easier and mine as her trainer. She started to see the results quicker.  She no longer was craving sugar all of the time. This product gave her the staying power she needed to stay disciplined and easily stick to her ketogenic nutrition plan.


After seeing such great results with so many people that I care about I would love to share them with you!

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