Feeling Lazy, Tired and Run-down?

Your Body May Be Asking for a Detox…Read on for 5 Reasons Why You Should Detox NOW…


Detoxifying our bodies and digestive systems will boost your immune system (keep you from getting sick, increase energy, dropping 10 years off your age, help you look younger and more youthful, stop sugar cravings, get rid of pain, help our bodies to burn fat, reboot and lose weight faster (and keep it off).

Here are 5 Reasons to detoxify NOW:

  1. You have sugar or carbohydrate cravings

Ever feel the need to hit the cookie jar at 8 pm? Or reach for the sugary drink mid-afternoon? This is a good indication that you suffer from the dreaded ‘sugar/carb crave’.


You find yourself trying to eat healthily and give up junk food but a few days later you’ve given in to the crave.


Detoxing will help to curb those cravings. Sugar lights up the brain and sends dopamine (a powerful chemical) into the brain. Our brain feeds off of that and tells us that we need more over and over. We, therefore, cannot break that cycle while still indulging in small amounts of sugar. We need to eliminate it from our bodies, kitchens, and minds.


  1. You are low on energy

It’s 3 pm and you’re crashing. You feel the sugar calling you for your afternoon pick me up.

This is a common occurrence resulting from spikes in blood sugars due to too many carbs and sugar.

A detox will give your digestive system a rest which in turn will help your blood sugars to stabilize. You will no longer have that energy crash midday. You will feel energized and stable throughout your day – and every day.


  1. You no longer fit into your clothes or are gaining weight in your midsection

Have you ever searched through your closet for something to wear and recognized that all of your clothes no longer fit? Are your hopes to fit back into that smaller dress or skinny jeans starting to wane?


Have you noticed now that you are getting older all of your weight now settles in all of the wrong places like your midsection and butt?

When you notice that your body is changing and gaining inches in all the wrong places—mainly your midsection and butt this is a symptom of a hormone imbalance. A detox will help your body balance your hormones.

As we age our hormones can get out of balance causing insulin spikes and inflammation which then tells our body to store energy as fat instead of energy.

When we can create a balanced insulin hormone level with a detox for the body it will burn our fat for fuel instead.

A detox will help you to lose fat around the midsection and get rid of inflammation getting you back into those skinny jeans again!

  1. You initially lose weight but are unable to keep it off

Have you have mustered up the self-discipline and restricted yourself (or starved) for a time and lost weight initially but as soon as you took your eye off the ball you gained it all back.?


A detox will help your body to get back on track for the long term.

When you eat healthy whole foods, drink more water, and get the better sleep your body will start to work as it is supposed to work.

Your cortisol levels (stress hormone) will decrease and you will feel better than ever creating balance and harmony in your body.

You will start to consistently lose body fat and maintain muscle so that your body will keep the weight off 4 life.

Finally, say goodbye to the diet cycle of weight loss and regain.


  1. You want to look younger or stop the aging process

You have started to notice more fine lines and wrinkles on your face in your brow and forehead…


You have noticed the underside of your arm is now waving uncontrollably even after you have stopped waving your arm…

A detox will help you to get a tighter more toned appearance in your body by helping to maintain your muscle and signaling your human growth hormone to increase. HGH will help you to naturally slow down the aging process reducing your fine lines and wrinkles.


I remember after I first detoxified my body I felt and looked amazing. My sugar cravings were non-existent and even when I reintroduced sugar and processed foods again it was short lived. I didn’t feel good. I knew that those foods were not helping my body and hormones. I looked younger and all of the lower back pain I had been suffering with for years virtually went away.

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Feeling Lazy, Tired and Run-down? Your Body May Be Asking for a Detox…Read on for 5 Reasons Why You Should Detox NOW…