Have you been searching and searching for ways to be successful in your fitness journey?

Would you like to get a tighter—toned body fast?

Do you find your self-thinking to yourself things like “I will never be successful at getting the body that I want”, or “I have tried everything and failed miserably at losing weight and keeping it off”?

Well, I have some answers.

I’ve been a trainer for over 17 years and want to share with you 3 simple things that will make a big impact on your results.  It’s simple things, all revolving around prepping yourself for the coming day and week.

As the great writer Alan Armstrong says, “Champions do not become champions when they win the event, but in the hours, weeks, months and years they spend preparing for it. The victorious performance itself is merely the demonstration of their championship character.”

Do these 3 Simple things to find Lasting Success

1. Schedule your workouts for the week.

We all struggle with finding the time to exercise. It’s tough, life gets busy, things happen and we don’t make ourselves a priority. It’s ok, I get it.   The key is to schedule your workouts as you would any other appointment in your week.


Take a moment before your week starts, pull out your calendar, and schedule your workout times.


Having trouble finding the time? How about getting up earlier or putting down the TV remote in the evening and working out instead. Whatever you do make sure to schedule it and get it on the calendar.


Another solution – hire a personal trainer. Having that ‘Appointment’ with your trainer holding you accountable than guarantees that your workout will not be missed.


When I assume that I will find time in my day to workout 9 times out of 10 I miss my workout for that day. I get busy with things and then by the end of the day I talk myself out of it. I use my excuses like “it is too late” or “I am way too tired”.


When I simply have it on my calendar as an appointment I make it work. I then look back on my successful week of workouts and I feel so good as I see results in my body and self- esteem2.

2. Lay out your workout clothes the night before.

Before you go to bed simply take out your workout clothes and set them next to your bed. (Or, do like I do sometimes and sleep in your workout clothes).

That will make for a quick transformation out of bed into workout clothes and off to your workout.

If you workout in the evening you can still pack your bag before you go to bed and take it with you wherever you go throughout the day.

Have the bag in your car so the excuse of “I don’t have my clothes” is gone. Prep and be intentional so that your subconscious does not have a chance to give in to skip the workout.

Let’s face it. We all get tired. And when we’re tired, we look for reasons not to do the things we want to do. Prep your clothes and go. No time to talk yourself out of it.  It is crucial to your success.

3.Plan and Prep your meals

Meal prep has been proven to be the most effective habit you can do to achieve optimal health and fitness.


Having a ketone packet….packed and ready to go…


Grab and go Tupperware in your fridge….


Some examples – chicken breast grilled, crockpot chicken, salads, veggies, precooked and segmented…..


On the weekend before your week start to make a grocery list based off of the meals that you have on your nutrition plan. Then shop and prep the meals when you have some downtime. That way when the busy week starts you do not find yourself skipping meals or making unhealthy food choices.


When I spend 20 minutes to make my list and another 60 minutes to prep them. I find myself so much more successful. I stick to my plan even when I am faced with unhealthy options at work. I have my food with me and know my intentions.



These 3 simple things are the key to your success on your journey to a tight—toned body.

If you want to get there fast do these 3 simple things and watch it happen.

Prep, Prep, & Prep and you will see success!

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail—Benjamin Franklin

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3 Simple Things you can do now to get a Tighter Toned Body- Guaranteed!