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I am always looking for energy and mantras to live by that match with my own core values around fitness and life.

Some of my core values are that you need to take time to invest in yourself first in order to better serve the world. My experience has been that the only control we have is over ourselves. I know the days where I schedule my workouts and have my meals prepped and ready are my best days. I then have the ability to serve others in my world with vigor and integrity. I believe that knowing who we are and are not is essential to giving your best and feeling the most fulfilled.

  1. One Size Does Not Fit All.


This is my favorite.

This is my daily mantra as so many opportunities and great ideas come flooding my way daily. I have to determine if it fits my size. Just because it is right for them does not make it right for me.

I find the same for clients. There is certainly not a one size fits all exercise and nutrition plan. Why try to twist and turn a person into a size that just won’t be a good fit? I love to find what does fit first. The success rate skyrockets for a person that can find a way to eat right and exercise for them and fits their personality.

  1. Change your thoughts and you’ll change your world.


This is life changing.

When I look at some of my reoccurring thoughts like “this is hard” or “what a struggle this will be” I see why I struggle with some things or make them hard. My thoughts determine how I feel about a situation. My feelings then drive the behavior. So if the thoughts are all about the struggle then the situation I am facing will be more apt to feel that way.

When I change the thought to something along the lines of “this will grow me” I always find a free, flowing solution. It then feels as though a challenge becomes a growth opportunity or a problem to be solved.

Anytime I am facing a new situation that is foreign to me as a new nutrition plan, workout, or business venture. I have the choice to look at it as a something that will be hard or a struggle or something that has the capacity to grow me. I find that the way that I think about it creates my reality every time.

Plus—I find inspiration that I am capable of anything when I just put my mind to it and shut out shadow thoughts that do not serve me at the moment.

Shadow thoughts are those old ways of thought that may have served us in the past or short term but no longer serve us to achieve what we want in life.

I love questioning my own ability to achieve and be more. I want to live a free, fit, and fun life by being myself. These mantras remind me how to do that daily.

Remember your core values when considering your daily mantras to live by.

Be sure to post them somewhere that you will be reminded to live by them.

A great way to remember is to write them on a 3×5 card and carry it with you.

Take time in the morning to review and recite them daily.

Write a small heart on your hand to remind you of the mantras that you want to live by.

Think of a color that reminds you of freedom, fitness, or love.

When you see that color you will be reminded of the things that are most important to you.

I use all of those strategies myself daily to remind me of the way I want to do life and stay out of those shadow thoughts.

How about you? I would love to hear some of the mantras that get you going. Please share.

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