When we are grateful we become unstoppable.


We are in a place of flow!!


All is right in the world and we can endure anything.


This brings me back to a few months ago -one of my most grateful days on this earth.


I was in a strange country doing something I had only dreamed of doing since I was a young kid.



I remember how many times in my life I had envisioned myself riding on the waves.


I had imagined it would feel…






And Scary.


I imagined myself breathing in the mist of the water and the sheer exhilarating adrenaline of that moment. Ahhh…


I had given up that dream many times as life went by. I never felt I would have the opportunity. As a young mom, I always had the responsibilities of others needs come before my own. I never let go of the dream … I always held it close in my heart… thinking someday…


And then, I did it.

I remember the day so vividly. I was 41 years old. I was in El Salvador.

It was just past dawn. The water was warm. The sounds of nature were so quiet, pure, & peaceful. I paddled out past the breakers. As I looked back at the shore I could see this amazing mist come of the waves as they broke. I took the deepest most grateful breath of my life. As tears ran down my face all I could think of was the how grateful I was to be in that place at that time.


You see- I had almost given up on my dream.


But here I was – living it. I was experiencing this moment in all of its fullness. I was grateful for my courage and diligence to face my fears and doubts and to do it anyway.


Now, my biggest ammunition in life is to harness my gratefulness. I use this memory to move me forward when I am in a state of fear, doubt, or confusion around next steps in any situation.

And you can do the same.

What day, time, or situation did you find yourself being in the most grateful state?

You know when you are just flowing. You are truly yourself in all its light and glory.

You know when the struggle just doesn’t matter.

You were just so grateful that nothing else mattered.


So go. Go and harness that memory and use it as your ammunition to battle against anything that you fear. Then go and do it anyways.


I promise gratefulness will be your greatest power.

I am a passionate mom of 5, author, motivational speaker, and a business owner. My passion is in helping people find their more authentic self. If you would like to connect on a strategy call send me a message at andreya@tone2day.com





How to Become Unstoppable!