Being you sounds easy enough, right


I used to think so… but the more I thought about it. The more I realized that was not how I coached clients on nutrition and workouts.


I would advise them on how to workout and do nutrition as if they were me or straight from a textbook program.


I began to realize what was missing when I had clients that were not finding success. They needed to understand how to be themselves.


Long-term success happens when we are true to ourselves.


You may have to go deeper and think about the details of what health and nutrition look like to YOU.


What healthy foods do YOU like?


What exercises do YOU enjoy?


If you are being told to eat a certain way that does not resonate with you then more then likely it will not last very long.


I have worked with clients that try to bend and shape themselves too much to please me and it JUST is not THEM.


It does not last long…


You are the one that is committing to and doing the workouts so YOU need to organically enjoy some parts of the workout…


If you love running then RUN


If you love strength workouts then do STRENGTH workouts…


If you love having a glass of wine by choice then have a glass of WINE


If you enjoy carbohydrates then plan on how to eat the right ones for you and then eat CARBS


If you hate carbs and love BACON then eat bacon, calculate the calories and eat in moderation…


If you don’t love anything healthy then re-evaluate and discover why you are Self-Sabotaging yourself and then change the thought…


Self–sabotage is not always obvious. It may happen in ways you are not aware of.


A fail cycle looks something like this:

  1. Try to be something I am not.
  2. Start to fail when results and enjoyment drop off.
  3. Feel bad about who you are and then over think and self –sabotage.


Fail Cycle



This will move you away from your fitness and health goals!


I used to live this way.


I would do the right thing according to religious standards, health standards, success guru standards, my families standards, etc, etc.


It was so uncomfortable and confusing – it just was NOT me.


For some people waking at 5:30 am daily to get going works for them or eating kale and fish daily or working out every day is the only way for them but when I put that standard on myself it felt uncomfortable.


It just simply is NOT me…


The key is to figure out who YOU truly are and then DO YOU. Take action on what works for YOU.


Being YOU as YOU is perfect.


Just be YOU to get a Fit and Toned Body 4 Life!




If you are experiencing some of these signs then trust you are getting healthier and stick with your plan consistently.

I am a passionate mom of 5, author, motivational speaker, and a business owner. My passion is in helping people find their more authentic self. If you would like to connect on a strategy call send me a message at


Just Be Yourself … The Key to a Fit and Toned Body 4 Life