He who has a why to live can bear almost any how—Friedrich Nietzsche


Connecting with your “why” will solve all of your problems and get you through any journey.

Whether it is fat loss, building a business, or turning the key on living out your dreams.

The attachment to “why” you want to do something and how you will feel when it is accomplished will be stronger than any roadblock that you will encounter along the way.

The story of 4 British women being successful at rowing 8000 miles across the Pacific ocean shows us what we are capable of when we have a strong enough “why”.


They rowed from San Francisco to Australia only stopping twice in Hawaii and Samoa for repairs and food replenishment. In their documentary “Losing Sight of Shore” they showed the mental and physical struggle to accomplish such a HUGE goal.


They took turns rowing 2 hours on 2 hours off for 9 months!


Your first question may be why…

Why did they want to do this…

My first question was how…

How did they do this…


I have experienced through my own experience that the “why” and the” how” are strongly attached to one another.


The “why” they had was to raise money and awareness to help find a cure for breast cancer after they had lost one of their dear friends to the disease.


The how was a miracle—although we are all capable of such amazing things when we attach to a why…


As Brad Thor wrote, “Success Leaves Clues and if you sow the same seeds you will reap the same rewards”.


Physically how they rowed day in and day—eating dehydrated food and withstanding major setbacks with weather and currents.


The “why” is what drove the “how”.


You see when we attach to our “why” the “how” and the plan just becomes the reality.


What I liked BEST about this story was WHAT the journey ACTUALLY looked like.


It was not a slam-dunk point A to point B story.


They started out rowing for the first week with a winning attitude but then waves and a storm set in and forced them to head back to land. Ultimately setting them back 2 weeks.


I may have thrown in the towel at THAT point.


You know – kind of like how it is when you first start your weight loss journey pain, struggle, it’s harder then you thought to consistently have healthy food choices around.


Then during the journey, one of the women found out that a loved one back home had passed away.


She became mentally distraught and wanted to give up.


She was forced to focus on the goal and stick to the plan.

She had to row to survive and get there.


When we are on the journey to lose weight others may be suffering in their lives and we want to help.


This may deter us from our goal.


We have to make the choice to focus on ourselves to continuously trust in and execute the process of exercise, eating healthy, and stay on the journey.


Finally, the journey from San Francisco to Australia was planned to take 6 months initially. In the end, it took up to 9 months.


The worst moments for these women were seen in the last days to the finish line.


They desperately wanted to get there but problems with currents and wind prolonged their course.


I can attribute to that the journey for weight loss will probably take longer then you thought and be toughest in the last leg.


I assure you though if you know “why” you are on this journey you will surely find success to the end and beyond 4 life.

I am a passionate mom of 5, author, motivational speaker, and a business owner. My passion is in helping people find their more authentic self. If you would like to connect on a strategy call send me a message at andreya@tone2day.com




Connect with Your “Why” and the “How” Will Just Happen In Any Journey