Just recently I had a conversation with my sons therapist that made me go to the darkest depths of my soul.

We were discussing the amount of time that we as a family were putting forth with him and how we as a family may be looking at him as a task rather then a part of our family.

You see he has been progressively been getting better with treatment, meds, socialization, and structure in his program.

As he has been getting better we have been living and doing things as though he is still sick.

When the therapist opened my eyes to that I felt broken, like a failure, and realized that I needed to change something in me.

I felt like it was one of the worst days of my life…

I questioned if I was a good mom…

I questioned my priorities…

I questioned my own self-worth…

I recognized I needed to find some quiet and reflect on who I want to be and where I want to go.

Out of those broken–low times I have the chance to explore and discover what I really want in life.

If it’s not something that aligns with where I want to think and feel:








I decide I need to change directions.

It is like a new horizon…

A new awakening…

A new day…

That darkest hour of discovery becomes my greatest asset in life!




What have been some of your worst-low days and what have you done to pull out of them?

Comment below and share.

Those days can be your best days when you explore how you want to change directions.

Here is how

  1. When you are feeling defensive about something be sure to take some quiet time to ask your self questions. A lot of the time when things feel negative it may mean we need more time to think about it differently.
  2. Take some quiet time to map out some key words that surround the attributes that you want to honor in your life such as: freedom, fun, family, fit, etc. To help you quickly figure out if something aligns with where you want to go.
  3. Finally try not to stay in those broken times too long. Use them as a tool to question your direction and quickly get back on the path that you want to go to. Remember blame, guilt, & shame are the lowest energy form out there. They are not a good long term motivator for change.

Free at last to find the path that awakens your soul!!

I am passionate mom of 5 and business owner. My passion is in helping people find their more authentic self. If you would like to connect in a strategy meeting send me a message at andreya@tone2day.com




How to Turn your Worst Days into your Best…