Do you need a restart button?


Hey guys in case you didn’t know, I am a high achiever and work with other high achievers like you!!

Badass’s that seek a higher standard for life in all they do!!

Having this type of mindset is great when things are flowing and the work has been done and we see the results of our hard work and tenacity pay off. At times I get caught up in the thought that I have failed, game over. Some days I feel like I need to throw in the towel. These extreme thoughts start when I begin looking at all that I have not accomplished.  This is when I feel overwhelmed and stretched. The place where I want to go maybe just over the horizon or require a longer journey then I anticipated. However, I have learned a new method to get me through and beyond this stage to assist myself and others objectives and to achieve again.


I call it the re-start button…

When a thought overwhelms me and I feel like throwing in the towel  I remember that I have the power to think differently. I have the power to restart my efforts at any time. I look at the power of the big picture and there is no time frame other than the one that I create. I find gratefulness and “wins” in the smaller picture. I celebrate the little areas that I have found success. This clears my mind to restart my journey and tasks.

If you are struggling with an area of your life like eating healthy and want to throw in the towel or are feeling like you have hit a wall. Remember that you can re-start at any moment by:

  1. Celebrating the steps you have already made daily.
  2. Make one stride toward your goal right now.
  3. Be kind and gentle with your self.
  4. Re-dedicate yourself to the goal now at this moment.

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In Love & Light,



Andreya T.


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Who Else is Ready for A Re-Start?!