Andreya & ClientIn my early days as a trainer, I thought if I excelled in my own training and kept my body fit that was enough to teach others to do the same for themselves. I thought that was what made a good teacher or coach. It was a very black and white thinking a pass/ fail mantra. I stayed fit and others would then trust me to help them get fit. They would do what I did and get a smoking hot body.


Simple, right


But, why?

Well after years of failing and finding success with others I found that was only one component to success (a small one that the teacher be competent at the subject).

You see there are 3 rules that will make us successful in anything in life.

  1. Consistent effort.

Everything that we are successful with has to be consistently worked on. Whether it is healthy eating, drinking water, learning to walk, learning a language, or strength & cardio workouts. That is a fact. Consistent effort = success.


  1. Tracking Progress along the Journey

As we are starting out in a strength or cardio program we may start with 8-pound dumbbells or take 10 minutes to complete a mile run. As we consistently work on it we progress to 10-pound dumbbells and run a mile in 9.5 minutes. If our success goal is to get better, feel better, and get stronger then we need to track that small progress along the journey. We count the small wins along the way until eventually they are bigger and we are more competent. It tells us that we are heading in the right direction.

  1. Analyze our Thoughts

In order to make the first 2 happen in our journey for competency and success, we must analyze our thoughts along the way. In the beginning, we are conscious of the goal and clearly know what we want. We may have thoughts that hold us back like I never succeed and will always be fat, I am deserving of that break from workouts since I have been working so hard, I am not seeing the scale move quickly enough along the way…


I am finished with this– give me those nachos!

We need to analyze these thoughts and decide if it is what we want to think about to get us stronger, better, and more successful. If those thoughts don’t align with where you want to go then change them. You have the power to slow down and change the internal thoughts. Attach and believe in where you want to go. Envision it daily until you are there.


Being fit for myself did build trust. It showed others that I was capable and competent at the subject of fitness and nutrition. It helped others to see that anyone is coachable and capable. It inspired others initially. What truly helped others get the body that they wanted 4 life was teaching them these 3 rules for success in any area. Making a change 4 life is not quick. It takes time–consistent effort, tracking progress, and mindset along the way.



Love you all truly!!

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3 rules for a successful transformation journey in any area of your life…