“ I don’t want to look like a man or have “Bulky—Big” muscles ya know so I don’t want to lift heavy weights,” Pam said at the start of one of our sessions. I understood what she was saying she did not want but I also knew the truth that lifting heavy was not going to cause her muscles to look like a man. In truth, I knew that to give her bulky muscles would be impossible even if we worked out consistently for years by just lifting heavy alone. I actually wish it were that easy…

Over the years I had heard this comment and /or fear expressed to me in many different ways from the women that I had trained. The thought analytically and emotionally makes sense. How many times women have we seen big bulky men or women in ads lifting heavy weights? The media uses big and bulky super lean monsters to advertise fitness and bodybuilding. We have seen it many times. Emotionally we connect big strong looking men with heavy weights. We then think I don’t want that for myself as a woman and we fear that this will happen to us if we lift bigger weights.

The reality is this I have trained women with weights and my own body for years. I have never had women “Bulk” up from heavy weights alone. So what does cause “Bulky” big muscles? Here are a couple of other things besides heavier weights that can cause that look:

  1. Testosterone (men have more by nature)
  2. Short Attachment (Shorter limbs can bulk because the muscle is closer to the lever)
  3. Leanness can cause the muscle to look bigger because the layer of fat is gone and you see the muscle

Body lean female

Notice the first one thing on the list that creates muscle is testosterone. Women do not have enough of this hormone in our bodies naturally to create the type of muscle that men do.

Women, I beg you to hear me on this lifting heavy will not even with the best of every situation cause big “bulky” muscle in you. What I have seen it do is:

  1. Create a healthier/faster metabolism to burn more calories on a daily basis
  2. Breakthrough weight loss plateaus
  3. Completely change the way the way your body looks by making it tighter and toned.
  4. Create confidence and efficient time in the gym.
  5. Strengthen the joints and rid women of low back, knee, and shoulder pain.
  6. Create a more youthful, vibrant body as they age.

It is my passion to help empower women to look past their fears to find the truth to get the results that they want. Lifting heavy in my opinion has changed my life and the lives of countless others. My hope is this will inspire you to lift heavy or continue on your journey without fearing that you will “Bulk” up.

If you or someone you know are experiencing a plateau or are feeling stuck please reach out and we can schedule a strategy session at andreya@tone2day.com.


In Love & Light,

Andreya T.


Does Lifting Heavy Weights “Bulk” up your Body?