If you are anything like me you may have tried things and failed. You may have in the process of trying things been warned from an outside force (friend, Mother, Father, Spouse) that what you were trying was more than likely not going to play out the way that you wanted it too. You may have foreseen or known that what you were trying was going to fail. In that failure process after the initial failure, you may have taken things away from that experience that taught you how to do it better the next time. My guess is that failing yourself was a lot more powerful than the advice or opinion of that outside force in your life! Am I right?!!

Why is that? Why can’t we just listen to the force or opinion of others and take action on what they say and see results only? We could potentially avoid failure that way. Save a lot of time. Right? I know when my parents told me to wake up early, get organized, eat healthier food and so on if I had only listened for the first time my life would be simple. But the truth is my deeper self (subconscious self) is smarter than that. It looks for clues like is the person telling me this advice doing it themselves? Are they kind and happy the way that I want to be? Do they look free from disaster and have ALL the answers? Do they have the best intentions for me? You see when that does not align for us we can sniff that out. Our subconscious won’t align or if we can’t really see ourselves as a success in the area it won’t let it happen. It knows better.

When I fail or we fail ourselves to be the person or make the situation work for our inner self-such as create a rocking body,  exude bubbling out of your confidence, sheer happiness, and sheer JOY!! We need to fail OURSELVES to discover what we really think of ourselves down deep. Look at the failure and decide was it a FAIL? Maybe not, maybe it just doesn’t align with who I want to be?? These are the important questions that need to be answered in order to find YOUR own way!

All of us have unique selves and that is why Tone 2 Day is all about customizing things for you! We don’t care what society says YOU need. We don’t care about what other gyms are doing that may look good on the outside. We care about YOU as an individual. We care that you are creating the self that you always wanted to be. We care about breaking through the BS and helping YOU fail! Yep–fail and learn 4 Life. Change your entire being. We want to scour every deep dark place and find out who and what you are and who and what you want to be!

That is why YOU don’t want to miss this BRAND NEW EXCLUSIVE 28 Day PROGRAM in January. Make 2018 the year of failure and discovery. I freaking DARE YOU.

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My Passion is in helping people find their true self! Schedule a strategy session with me at andreya@tone2day.com!


Find YOUR best Self! I Freakin DARE You!
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