she is clothed in strength



Clothed with strength & dignity and laughs without fear of the future.

Fear—that is the keyword for me. I have questioned its utility in my life. I have wavered

with its use in empowering others. I have seen its power. It has motivated me to act and

become some one I usually couldn’t be out of fear that I would not be successful, liked, or

even fed. So what then is the problem with it? Why not continue to do things based out of

fear of the repercussions of NOT following the right path?


I had a client that would tell herself that if she did not exercise and eat healthy that she

would become fat and disliked. She would be just like her mother who had had

relationship problems and overall was unhappy about her life. Her fear or story of

becoming like her was so great that she lost a lot of weight and toned up her body. Great!

Right?! Goal achieved. It did MOTIVATE her to get to her goal but how sustainable was it? Fearing

the worst to move us forward I find is short lived.


When we bend and shape ourselves and cower through life to conform it doesn’t feel good.

True power lies in strength and dignity. When you find out where you truly want to go and what

feels the best to you in life. You will NOT only get there. YOU will soar!! It will become who YOU are

YOU wont be able to stop it. Find YOUR strength and it will Silence your FEAR 4 LIFE!

If you are motivating yourself through fear and finding it is not working for you any longer hit me up! Lets connect and make a plan that works for you that you can enjoy. Contact me at or text me at 952-486-1002!

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Andreya Tornes
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Clothed with Strength & Dignity and Laughs at the Future without FEAR…