Losing weight can help us to be healthier, more confident, and connect with our authentic self.

It can power you forward to achieve and reach your dreams and goals.

It can help us to be in the moment.

It teaches us how to have a goal that is all for ourselves.

It teaches us to value ourselves.

It teaches us how to work hard for something personal to only you.

It will benefit those that you love and are closest to you.

There are so many reasons that losing weight in a healthy way is important and valuable in life.

It creates momentum for a successful life really…

When we are on a journey to lose weight the best way to get to our goal and stay there is to be grateful in the moment.

Thats right instead of looking at all that we don’t have or haven’t done instead shift the focus and we look at all that we do have!

We look at the small steps that we have taken so far to start to lose weight.

Did you make healthy meals and intend to today?

Did you workout and intend to this week?

What part of your body do YOU like (even a little)?

Have you gotten stronger?

Are you less winded when you walk from the car or take steps?

Celebrate what you have before you try to achieve more. Become aware of how successful you are and see how close you are to really having the body that you have always wanted. You will then realize how easy it is to lose weight and keep it off forever!

If you need have been struggling with your body for way to long and would like to make a change for good then lets connect. I am passionate about helping people to get Toned and more confident for life. My email is andreya@tone2day.com or phone is 952-486-1002.

About the Author
Andreya Tornes
Personal Trainer and Studio Owner

Life Fitness Top 10 Trainer to Watch 2014
Wife for over 20 years
Mom of 5 Boys


How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off!