Sounds the same but there is a big difference.

I have done both and I have seen it in both scenarios in clients.

What’s the difference? HUGE!!

Playing Defense

Some of us are getting knocked around as if we do when we play any game in life and we are playing not to lose. We are on the defensive. We see distractions and feel uncomfortable and then we remember how scared we are of losing the game so we stand up in defense of our goals for a minute and take action for a short time. It works for a second we manage to not lose that time.

Creating Strategy

Others have been there and got knocked around then made a game plan of offense. They created a long-term strategy to win. At the moment it may have looked as though they were losing—slowing down but Nah they were just getting started. They were creating methods in life that they could endure forever. They created a winning strategy. They found focus, energy, method, and a pace that they could withstand to win. They get up and win. They start winning so often that there is no other choice they are in it to win.

Create Focus
This may mean making a new plan when one doesn’t seem to be working. This may mean carving out time to get quiet and think about what the strategy is going to look like. This requires focus. The fact is the more you start winning the more you stop playing to lose.

Play to Not Lose
What does playing not to lose look like for a person that desires to feel their best and lose body fat. The thought as they get their clothes on that feel tight after a weekend of self-indulging—I am so fat I better eat healthy and workout today. The action they grab an apple for breakfast and vow to order a healthy lunch. The day plays out and they are tossed to and fro by their schedule and the workout happens at 8 pm on day 1. Phew they think—I made it and did not lose today.

Play to Win

What does playing to win look like for a person with the same goals? The thought is if I take time now and not watch that show or lay around I can be ready to eat healthily and exercise when my week starts because I know it will be busy. They start on Sunday and take 30 minutes to look at their calendar for the week and start scheduling times to workout. They write a plan out their meals for the week and take time to prep them. They make sure that they have their water bottle ready to go. The day plays out and is busy but the difference is that they are prepped and ready. They can deal with the unexpected and still have the food and the time to exercise. Wow, they think—good thing I had planned that workout—I didn’t feel like it after such a busy day—feels sustainable. I am winning.

Are you playing to not lose…or to win the game?

If you need to make a winning game plan don’t hesitate to contact me at 952-486-1002. I am passionate about helping others win and strategize.

Andreya Tornes
Tone 2 Day Studio Owner

Are YOU in it to Not Lose or to Win the Game?