I have some amazing news for YOU today. If you have been consistent and found success once in your:

• Workouts
• Meal prep
• Daily water intake
• Weight loss
• Sleep

YOU have the know how and POWER to do it again and again. That is a solid fact.

That’s right the POWER today lies in the choices YOU make moment to moment.

Decide to do it again and again without doubt. Flip the switch in your attitude and be successful at something that YOU have already done.

Just simply remember that and failure is NOT even possible.

YOU can get up again and again and take action on something that you have already done successfully. A person can fall 100 times and that is ok as long as he gets up 101 times.

About the Author
Andreya Tornes
Personal Trainer and Studio Owner

Life Fitness Top 10 Trainer to Watch 2014
Wife for over 20 years
Mom of 5 Boys


If YOU have done it once YOU have the POWER to do it again!