Wanting something in life can be exciting and powerful for a while. It can drive you to change your behavior, stretch yourself, and get you through for some time. Results start happening. You start feeling better by eating healthier. You get excited when the scale moves 2-5 lbs down or even more. You start to anticipate the first few uncomfortable minutes of a run or workout—knowing that your body will soon warm-up and it will feel better. You can prep your food or at least know what to buy at the store each week to keep up with your new found healthy eating. The water intake that you have increased doesn’t have you going to the bathroom as much as it did in the beginning. Your mind and body are adapting to this new found healthier lifestyle. You got this…BUT then YOU stop. It starts to taper off in the wrong direction. Your thoughts start sounding like this I am bored with this. I don’t need or want to eat all those healthy recipes all the time. The scale is stuck—this isn’t working. You stop trying and stop seeing results. Why does this happen? Why is our desire for the things that we want so short lived?

It took finding my why for my healthy nutrition to stick. In my 20s I started seeing the light of exercise and healthy eating. I was dedicated to the exercise because I enjoyed the way my body felt after a tough workout. I felt challenged both mentally and physically. I looked great and felt great. I had a routine check up one year and had my cholesterol checked. I discovered it was 230-high on the bad side. They advised me to eat low fat. At first I was killing it but then soon found myself drifting away from it rather quickly. I then stayed away from the doctor because I did not want to recheck my cholesterol because I was sure it would be no different since I could not seem to stick with the healthy eating consistently. In my 30s I was personal training almost full-time and helping more and more people find success. The more I found if I ate healthy along with my clients then I could help them much better. I started discovering a deeper reason to eat healthy. I was helping others and myself. I had my cholesterol checked last year and am happy to report that it was in the 100s—healthy range! Finding my why made it stick.

If you want something in life find your why. A desire is just that—it can be sadly forgotten and short lived when a stronger desire comes along. Like a desire for immediate satisfaction. Unless you look deeper and think about why you truly want this desire that you are striving for. IS it for love, leadership, a career, or to build confidence. Is it something that you want for yourself because you want to prove to YOU that YOU are worth the time and effort? Take the time today to attach to YOUR why and I promise it will stick!

About the Author
Andreya Tornes
Personal Trainer and Studio Owner

Life Fitness Top 10 Trainer to Watch 2014
Wife for over 20 years
Mom of 5 Boys


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