Are you pimping it? Yes that’s right pimping your self? How do you pimp you ask. It is simple are YOU working your authentic self to the fullest. Are you capturing the true essence of who YOU are and the greatness that YOU were meant to create? When we are confident and whole then we can pimp. People start to become attracted to our zest for life and can’t help but to latch on and follow. We could be pimping to our spouses, kids, co-workers, or our friends. It is that connection that is unstoppable. It is who YOU were born to be. In order to pimp YOU need to know who that person is.

I spent years in misery not knowing who I was. My desire was to fit in and quench the desires of society as a whole. I heard things like home school your kids, indulge in food, drink with us, teen moms are bad—not worthy to speak, have no problems, appear perfect, smile even when the pain is so great, be beautiful, be sweet, fix everyone, its’ all your fault, and sadly the list went on and on…When I was busy trying to fit in I was screaming inside. I never could please society enough. There was always another place in my life I felt I had to mask. Until I could see that was the whole reason that I was being held back I could never move forward.

In order to pimp I had to find my soul and build on it. I had to be brave and look FEAR and the face and move forward anyways. I had to embrace that yes I was not perfect in society’s eyes. Those imperfections are what made me special. The bad imperfect working teen Mom had a story to share with others that found NO self worth in their story. Yes it all starts to become pimpAble when we can embrace the reasons that we are hiding and holding OURSELVES back. Back to the original question are you? Are you pimping it?

About the Author
Andreya Tornes
Personal Trainer and Studio Owner

Life Fitness Top 10 Trainer to Watch 2014
Wife for over 20 years
Mom of 5 Boys



Pimping It!