I am so thrilled about the results so far in our 28 day challenge at Tone 2 Day. I see people determined, working hard, engaged, structured, and being successful. Doesn’t that sound great? It is where we all want to be. We want that momentum in life in ALL areas. The energy that surrounds that success only breeds more success. The awesome news is this is where we ALL can be. I was reading about success stories of people that had all lost significant amounts of weight and the one common thread was the consistency and discipline to the nutrition and exercise program over time. it didn’t happen in 28 days and even if it had if we go directly back to our previous habits in nutrition we would gain the weight back–start not living in the healthy body that we desired in the first place.

So now that we have the tools and foundation of healthy nutrition, a complete strength program, & cardio scheduled what can stop us? This could theoretically take us to our body goals and keep us there for life right? Yes BUT (uh oh here comes the BUT) why do we get in the way? Thats right why do we start to LOSE our momentum or ENERGY for it. We get side tracked by a new goal or desire and we start to fade in our consistency and effort. People by week 3 start to wane in their new years resolutions. The self doubt creeps in that questions if this will ever truly happen for us. Does it make sense is it rational? NO it simply is All about what we think is possible and how we have learned to get through life up until this point. If we have learned to give fuel and energy to the negative beliefs about how capable that we are then they will easily be reenergized. We will give into what feels comfortable and normal to us unless…

Unless we decide to go a lot deeper and start to become aware of what our thoughts and behaviors are that start to self sabotage us. We can then call bullsh$#t on ourselves. Only if we discover what is holding us back can we start to create lasting change.Is the thought this is too hard absolutely true? NO BUT if we are not aware of our own BS and the choices we have that create the power to change then we will go with it. Ask yourself again is it really to hard to eat healthy, love myself, and exercise consistently or is it that it is too hard when one things doesn’t go as planned then you will have to throw it all out or get caught up in the guilt and self loathing. That is where the energy starts to go to in reality. The perfectionism, the fear, the self loathing then that WILL halt success quickly. Instead try to give energy to the momentum you had to the discipline of the nutrition. The choices that you have in the moment. Quiet the fear and self loathing by looking at the power that you have to create the life that you want.This will create lasting success.

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