Why do you think 92% of new years resolutions fail? Well here are the top 5 new years resolutions in 2017:

  1. Lose Weight
  2. Get Fit
  3. Eat Healthy Food
  4. Save Money
  5. Manage Stress

Sound familiar? Any common themes? Yes it all surrounds self-care and feeling better. If we were to look at this in layers we would discover a much deeper reason for wanting these things. Some of the things that I learn from people is that they want to lose weight to feel better, more in control, secure, free, have less fear, and fulfilled. The reasons that we want these things and fail are because people are living in their fight or flight–lizard security region of the brain. This region is small but becomes huge when we look to it for the answers all of the time.

Does this sound familiar to any one:

  1. Make a weight loss goal
  2. Plan to go to the gym and eat healthy
  3. See success for a short time
  4. Find yourself making excuse as to why it is too hard to eat healthy and then indulge and fail.
  5. Tell yourself that you are always going to be here because you can’t do it
  6. Give up for a while
  7. Gain weight
  8. Start the process again

Sound familiar? Yes the truth is if we have a pass/fail mantra or try to reach goals out of fear and loathing for ourselves it will NEVER last. I used to try to stretch myself to work hard at getting up in the morning and getting things done. I always failed after a short time. I would find myself hitting the snooze button. Then give up. I had to go deeper then that. Why wouldn’t it stick? Fear is a temporary motivator. I would do it out of fear. I had to go deeper to realize that I had used sleeping in as an escape and self-sabotage for myself as a way of seeking attention. I was the victim I thought. In order to make permanent change I had to look at the root of my behavior and quiet it. I had to attach to the new reasons that I wanted to get up early. Boom quiets my fight or flight region of my brain and go straight into freedom. I now have success in that area of life. I am an early bird. I believe in myself.

Are you motivating yourself out of fear? It won’t last just sayin <3


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About the Author
Andreya Tornes
Personal Trainer and Studio Owner

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Fear or Success… The Choice is YOURS