Don’t Wait CREATE

If you are waiting for the so-called right opportunity to be great or find success then I am sorry to report you may wait forever.

That is right the success is not in the conditions it lies within you.

I remember when my oldest son Kyle was a baby and I was a young mom with very limited finances. I was so limited in fact I remember a time that I was at the grocery store and did not have enough money to buy all of the groceries so yep I had to start picking and choosing what food I was taking home with me that day ugh…So that paints the picture but I did have a video tape (now I am dating myself) and a living room.

I would make an obstacle course for Kyle that consisted of a blanket with toys, a baby swing, and his Johnny jump up. I then would daily put in that Kathy Smith video while I switched Kyle from station to station when he got fussy so that I could finish that 45 minute work out.

Were my conditions right or great? Not really.

Was it perfect? No.

Was it exciting? No–same tape day after day.

Did it produce results? Yes.

When we are waiting for something outside of us to deliver that is when we will fail.

I think of Rocky when he is getting conditioned for his fight and his mindset has switched.

He has stairs, a jump rope, and some old janky equipment.

He could have had soup cans and bodyweight he was so determined.

That’s what is so attractive about his success.

He got determined and got busy. He made a decision to push hard, work hard, and excel.

Deep inside of us we know what we are capable of it and it excites us to see.

We ALL have that success waiting for us.

We don’t have to wait for perfect opportunities or conditions.

We can do it now.

My pleading to you today is to:

  1. Harness your uniqueness.
  2. Find your value.
  3. Discover what belief about yourself is holding you back.
  4. Take that first step today to make the opportunity right for you now.                                    Go ahead I have faith in you.                                                                                                              It may not look perfect.                                                                                                                      Trust that where you are is perfect and go!


About the Author
Andreya Tornes
Personal Trainer and Studio Owner

Life Fitness Top 10 Trainer to Watch 2014
Wife for over 20 years
Mom of 5 Boys




Don’t Wait CREATE