Why is so easy for us to spend money on other peoples art & entertainment but when it comes to investing in ourselves we will most times not even consider it? We will make the investment in something but then discover that it is too much work? Let’s face it we all know that when it comes to our pop generation culture that sports, music, & movies are king that is where we as Americans spend our money. We love to get behind and buy other peoples success and hard work. It is a billion dollar industry. There is nothing wrong with loving the hard work and success of others and enjoying being entertained. When people share their talents and work hard at a craft it can be mind blowing to watch for sure! Think about watching Michael Jackson dance with ease or a violinist play a beautiful solo or watching Randy Moss make that touchdown catch! The sad part of that is the flip side that often times we do not realize the gifts and talents that WE have inside of us. We are busy buying and celebrating others when a miracle lies within us.

The only way I have seen the greatness in myself is to fail, to be stretched—tried, and to invest in myself. When I was in elementary school I had a lot of anxiety. Growing up in an alcoholic home was chaotic. I put such a thick mask on so that know one could see the pain and the chaos that I was going through. I just wanted to be normal I thought—like all of the other kids. I may have walked out of a house to go to my bus stop to interact with other kids seconds after my Mom was yelling and cursing at me. This was my reality. I would smile and show the world a happy me a pleasing me. Fit in, fit in, fit in right? Well I eventually lost sight of my emotions and who I authentically was. Escaping in to others arts made sense. Mine was lost within the desire to fit in at all costs.

As I have grown into an adult I have learned to take care of me. I have invested much money and time into myself and started to learn who I really am. I have discovered that I am a work of art that needs to be created. I can then better create all of the things that I love and hold dear in this life. I work hard and I am consistent. I have discovered that I am worth the investment. I have a lot to offer this world but it just does not magically happen.

My hope is that this may inspire even just one person to think about how valuable investing in your self can be. That one person would be inspired to find their own creativity. That one person may see that they are gifted or special enough to invest in. Is it that it is easier to find our escape and chalk it up to the fact that we there are only a select few that are so called “good enough” or “gifted” enough to go out there and do it? Could it be subconsciously that we are inspired when we pay for and watch others be creative?

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Andreya Tornes
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Life Fitness Top 10 Trainer to Watch 2014
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Why do we Invest in others creativity BUT not our OWN?!

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