Tone 2 Day Founder Andreya Tornes had a dream of becoming a personal trainer after she was recruited to teach a Body Pump class at the YMCA. She loved utilizing the strength training after years of cardio and no results. After just 6 weeks of strength training she noticed HUGE changes in her appearance and health. She was hooked and started sharing it with others immediately. As a young mother of 3 at the time she hit the books and the gym to fulfill her dream of becoming a personal trainer in 2001.

Tone 2 Day was then founded in Florida originally where she trained in her home , others homes, and the YMCA until she moved here in 2008. She learned much of her training skills from an ex-marine Ty Pena that owns his own club in Tampa, FL. His incorporation of cardio and strength heeded the best results she had ever seen. She incorporated her own take of this style of training in combination with Pilates. Tone 2 Day clients were 100% satisfied and hooked.

Looking to specialize further she trained for the Mr. & Mrs. Natural Minnesota Bodybuilding competition. She won first place–becoming an IFPA Pro Bodybuilder in 2012. She then opened her own studio in Savage, MN partnering with chiropractors, physical therapist, acupuncturist, & massage. Providing a holistic, healthy team of professionals. She then was nominated as the “Top 10 Personal Trainer to Watch 2014” , by Lifefitness. She competed in New York as the only United States female.

A current mother of 5 boys and a wife for over 20 years and owner of Tone 2 Day personal training in Savage, MN her passion has always been and will always be in motivating muscle movement. She considers everyday a new opportunity to help someone by bettering their physical and mental health. Dreams are made in our minds first and then executed physically. Tone 2 Day’s passion is helping people fulfill their fitness dreams and goals!

Tone 2 Day in Savage, MN: A Fascinating Origin Story