You obviously want the best results possible from the personal trainer that you choose, so it’s critical that you ask these 7 questions of any Savage, MN personal trainer before becoming a client.

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  • Will you provide me with success stories of other clients?
  • What is your background, education, and your passion in?
  • Do you individualize training and guarantee results?
  • Do you use cutting edge –current training strategies that yield the best results?
  • Do your clients have fun while breaking a sweat?
  • Do you motivate muscle movement correctly–providing the best form?
  • Do you provide time efficient training by utilizing a symphony of cardio, strength, & nutrition in the correct increments?


At Tone 2 Day personal training we think that you are worth taking the time to seek out the best personal trainer in Savage, MN for you. It is critical that you take the time to find out the answers to these seven questions before becoming a client.

7 Questions You Should Ask Any Savage, MN Personal Trainer Before Hiring Them