There are 5 important ways that Tone 2 Day personal training stands apart from other personal trainers. These five things is what makes Tone 2 Day personal training different and better then any other personal trainer in Savage, MN.

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  • We are results driven. Our goal is to teach every client what it takes to reach their goals– specifically. You will achieve the results that you are looking for. We prove it to you!
  • We are cutting edge! We pay attention to what is working in terms of weight loss, strength, health, and nutrition in current studies. Giving clients the most current advice and workouts.
  • Our trainers teach from passion and experience. One of the main goals that Tone 2 Day has is to bring to you trainers that walk the walk in their personal lives. Our trainers include a diverse experienced background including top 10 trainer to watch nomination by Lifefitness, IFPA Bodybuilding, dance, athletics, weight-loss, Yoga, Pilates, mindfulness, & much more.
  • We like to have FUN! In our workouts with each client we find out what do they LIKE to do? Workouts should not be dreaded but rather clients look forward to moving to the beat! WARNING you may see our clients laughing and enjoying themselves during a fast paced workout!
  • We teach a symphony. We know at Tone 2 Day that teaching the right increments of nutrition, strength, & cardio provides a fool-proof plan to reach any goal and maintain it!


These five things is what makes Tone 2 Day personal training in Savage, MN different and better then other personal trainers. Our passion and commitment is next to none other.

5 Ways Tone 2 Day is Different and Better than Other Personal Trainer’s in Savage, MN