Here are 11 reasons that everyone in Savage/ Prior Lake refers people to Tone 2 Day personal training:

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  • Personalized Training for real! They listen to the clients needs and then make a plan.
  • Client Focused. The main focus is their clients, dreams, goals, and wishes.
  • The Whole Picture—Past, Present, Future. The whole picture of where the clients has been in terms of health, athleticism, and weight matters as to where they are presently and more importantly how good the future will look.
  • Results Driven.! They prove it to their clients by giving them the results they ask for!
  • Time Efficient Training.
  • Teach Functional Strength Training. FST encourages functional movements in daily life! Ward off injury and feel stronger on a daily basis!
  • Clients keep their results by performing a symphony. A symphony to Tone 2 Day is simply incorporating proper increments of nutrition, cardio, & strength—producing a fool -proof plan to shed weight and keep it off!
  • Fun! That’s right no workout should be a punishment. It is Tone 2 Days job to make it interesting and fun to each client.
  • The trainers walk the walk! Tone 2 Days trainers keep their bodies healthy with daily movement—setting the example.
  • Movement with mental focus! Movement is seen as mental just as much as physical at Tone 2 day! Goals, self-esteem, self-love are all a part of proper training.
  • Music- Driven. Let the beats move you in a workout.


These are the top 11 reasons people in Savage do not hesitate to refer their loved ones and friends to Tone 2 Day personal training! Having fun, proper movement, & results are our hallmark!

11 Reasons People in Savage Tell Everyone They Know About Tone 2 Day

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