​Athletic Youth Program

Start focusing on strength, performance, confidence and muscle gain.

Join our 12 week program and start seeing your performance on and off the field improve!

Tone 2 Day Youth Athletic Program


This Summer, Tone 2 Day, is offering a 12 Week Youth Athletic Program that helps get your athlete to the next level. The athletes get 4 days a week to complete personalized workouts that will benefit them both mentally and physically. 

They will learn how to excel on and off the playing field.

If you're the type of athlete that strives to push the limits and 'become a better you' - this program is just for you. 


Working out and pushing yourself past your limits isn't just for the strong willed. This program is designed to promote positive atmosphere and outlook on fitness and becoming a healthier version of yourself. 

Is your mindset in the right place? Do you want to become a better, faster and stronger athlete for the next season?

Here at Tone 2 Day we believe EVERY athlete should get the chance to prove not only to their coaches, but to themselves that they are worth it. That they can BE BETTER than ever before. 


This program will help you gain the necessary skills to get stronger, mentally and physically. We want to help you grow as a person so that when you're ready to hit the field you're more than prepared for what's ahead. 

Get ready to feel stronger and be stronger than ever before and see those results that you have been searching for. 

"Working out at Tone 2 Day is always challenging but fun! It was always something I looked forward to. Great environment and people! It was fun when people started to notice your changes even before you do! 

- Adi M 

Fit success in this SEASON!

12 Week

Youth Athletic Program

better performance | stronger mentality | faster movements


4x a week | $995