"That sounds so terrible. It is my story though. This is me."

      I grew up in a small south Minneapolis 2 bed/1 bath home with my 2 younger sisters and my parents. I have always had a love for fun, outdoor play, and people. I am an introvert in some ways but thrived when playing outside all day everyday with my closest friends. I love connecting with others, being real, and appreciate others that are real as well.

​     This was me in 1992 at 16 years old. I had a baby Kyle James and when he was 4 months old married his dad James (My high school crush). He was in the Navy and we moved to Norfolk, Va. far away from home in Minnesota. "I grew up quickly and learned about life, budgets, babies, hard work, and following my internal light."

     When I had Kyle I quickly cleaned up my act and grew up… I decided that I would give him the benefit of having the normal life that he deserved. He would come first in my life and I was going to give this my all of being a good mom. He was my first big “why”.

     I was very broke financially but found fitness as a light in my life. As I was away from family and friends I found the outlet of fitness tapes on the VCR and cable that I would do daily. This lifted my spirits and gave me hope and structure. It was something I grew passionate about. Many of the examples in my family life was unhealthy full of addictions and depression. I was determined to make a BIG change in my life for the better. Fitness was the first BIG step forward for me.

Fast forward to my present day life. Soon after my trek to Norfolk, VA and short lived marriage.

"I met an amazing man Larry (my current husband and soulmate who I have been with for 22 years now) when Kyle was 2 years old."

We were married and since had 4 more boys together! There is my awesome family above!

These boys are my biggest “why”.

I believe that my passion for life and fitness shines through in all that I do. The best example and role modeling is in showing and doing. My hope is that the closer I am too my authentic self –doing what I love by helping others get fit and find their true selves that my boys will have the ability to do that too! We only get one shot in life. I have made some major changes and beat all the odds going from a broke teen mom to a bright, passionate fitness enthusiast.

"I hope that this will inspire YOU!"